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Thank you!

Dear All
Thank you for being part of the Magical Morning Course. Thank you for your trust, sharing and feedback!

I am so proud of you for showing up for yourself first thing in the morning. It is not always easy, and it is a continuous practice. The difference is that you have made a commitment to be present and are willing to invite more of what you desire and deserve.
You have all started something incredibly beautiful by beginning your day the magical way - and now you must use the momentum and keep it going. Of course, at your own pace and intensity, in a way that honors your current life situation and needs.
Nevertheless, my hope and wish for you are that, even if it’s just one tiny thing, you will keep doing it to feel good. To feel better and to show up for your precious and beautiful self every morning. You deserve that so very much. We all do :-)

Important Note:

  • The course web pages will be available for you until Wednesday, 19th of May, 12 PM. Please make sure you download the PDF`s, Workbook, Recipes & Questionnaires

  • The 4 Replays (60 Min) will be available for you from now on in my Feel Good Yoga Library, along the tutorials.

  • The library offers you over 160 practices, Ayurvedic health tips & inspirations, recipes and more magical morning routines.

  • Part of that Membership is also the Upcoming 7-Day Magical Morning Journey. This Journey includes 2 live session + 5 recorded sessions (30-45 minutes), one for each day. It also includes recipes, tips and group support, Q&A and sharing space.

  • This is a great way to build up and / or keep your Morning Routine going.

Further Support:
If you feel you benefit from continuing with live classes and receiving more morning inspirations to keep the good things going you are welcome to join my Live Classes.

Group Live Classes on Zoom

  • Wednesday 7:30 - 8:15 am, morning rituals, breathing practices, and yoga.

  • Friday 7:30 - 8:30 am, a longer yoga flow, breathing practices, and rituals. (here you can check-in via Delight, if you are a member and a spot is available)

To sign up and for more information click here.

One on One

  • If you feel you'd benefit from one on one sessions with me, Soul-based Coaching, Yoga, or Routines please send me an email and we will talk about it in an information call.

Please let me know if there is anything else you’d like to share with me.

Much Love


Replay Closing Circle

Where You'll Find Week 1 - Week 4 Replays:

Week 4
Week 3
Week 2
Week 1

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