Beauty session

Makeup Consultations

Achieve Your Most Beautiful Look

  • Whether you want to learn how to apply makeup in the most natural way, need a makeover, a workplace-appropriate look, play up your eyes or a statement on your lips.

  • Learn tips & tricks, tools, and techniques to only use the right products in a way that enhances your natural beauty.

  • We’ll go through each step together and tailor a plan for your needs

  • You'll learn how to find the right colors, simplify your makeup collection and carry only the essentials.

  • We discuss how color and style are key to self-expression and how you then can use only a few products for touch-ups, creating a flawless look and healthy glow.

  • Get clarity & stop wasting time/money on the wrong products

  • You’ll walk away feeling knowledgeable about ingredients, confident in your technique, and empowered to create your daily look.

Session of 90 minutes: €140

Session of 120 minutes: € 170, including Beauty Facial to Glow
Take on the world feeling vibrant and beautiful — using the best natural, organic cosmetics, of course!

The consultation takes place at my beauty studio. For services on location please send a request.

The advantage of a follow-up session with me


2. Glow & Self care lounge

Individual beauty workshop

Your regular self-care morning routine

Start your day the best possible way to support your glow and shine. I guide you to develop the best morning routine and skin care for yourself. This includes Ayurveda techniques to reduce toxins in your bodying increases circulation.We practice how to stimulate the to keep your skin shining, nourished and fresh. You get in touch with yourself, take the time to honour and celebrate your beauty: The most important gift we can give ourselves. This Glow & Self care session takes 2,5 hours

Plan Your Beauty Consultation