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Series 2022

Start Your Week & Days With Intention, Centered, Energized Annd Being At Ease

Ask yourself: How do you want to start your day? Feeling fresh, ready to go, centered, and connected with yourself and how you want to show up on that day? Instead of starting in a rush, feeling already stressed and nervous, while you haven't even left the house?

Every morning, you can choose how you want to feel. How we start our day greatly influences how it unfolds. We can either start in a rush, or we can pause, breathe and take a moment to set the tone and pace for our day.

Spring is a season of new beginnings, renewal, and growth. Naturally, we feel like starting something new and letting go of the old. 

It is a good time to detoxify your body gently.

The magical morning routine offers you the space to reflect on how you are doing in your life. Using these insights and knowledge helps you to make the necessary changes to your diet, goal plans, and relationships to create balance in your life.

Stay At Ease During Spring And Shift Beautifully Into The Season Of Spring

Your morning routine will support you in a very profound way that keeps you in connection with yourself when you face challenges and setbacks. With your daily rituals, practices, and routines it is possible to have success, sanity, and happiness in a nourishing, soft and easy way.

Spring is a season of birth, new beginnings, renewal, and growth—a time for the earth to make manifest the latent potential within all things. Seeds are germinating, flowers budding, insects buzzing, leaves unfurling.


Wake Up and Start Transforming Your Day

Start your week in harmony with yourself, feeling grounded, focused, and improving your health.

The series offers you practical techniques out of my Magical Morning Method to energize, calm, balance and ground you. 

You will:

  • Eliminate toxins, restore your balance and boost your immune system

  • Apply uplifting, conscious practices that bring clarity and focus and tap into your soul wisdom

  • Experience yoga movements that are easy to remember and have tremendous health benefits. (no yoga experience required, also suitable if you are pregnant)

  • Enhance your natural inner and outer glow through self-care practices 




Practical Information

The series consists of 10 weekly classes in which you will prepare for the important tasks ahead while staying grounded and focused.
You will strengthen and boost your immune system, especially important during this cooler, and airier season. You will also get powerful insights about yourself and what you need to stay in balance.

All you need to do is show up weekly, for 45 minutes. Trust me, it gets so much easier in a group setting and you will feel the impact it has on your life right away.


"To do it in a group while in the comfort of my home.

I like joining the life sessions vs doing my morning routine alone."



The sessions vary so that all routines receive the attention they deserve to start your week feeling supported and cared for.

You will feel nourished, set the tone and pace at the beginning of each week.

This helps you to:

  • Be in harmony and in tune with yourself

  • Learn to take care of yourself through daily journaling. This will make you more resilient in good and difficult times

  • Make thoughtful choices for yourself, your loved ones, and the world around you

  • Feel more grounded and open, creating the space for new ideas

  • Prevent burnout, disorientation, anxiety, and insomnia


Magical Morning Series (10 Sessions) from January 10th, 2022

  • 10th Jan

  • 17th Jan

  • 24th Jan

  • 31st Jan

  • 7th Feb

  • 14th Feb

  • 21st Feb

  • Holiday Break

  • 7th March

  • 14th March

  • 21st March

Time: 06:45 - 07:30am CET.

Location: Online, from the comfort of your home via Zoom (no camera required on your end)

If you miss a class, I'll send you a link and you'll get a recording of a previous morning session. That ensures that you build your successful routine.

How to attend:

RSVP before the 9th of January 2022 here



Fee for the Magical Morning Winter | Early Spring Series: € 95,-

For Ease Online Studio Members € 80,-

If your current reality is that you just can't get yourself up - Don't worry, this series will help you. It takes about three weeks for our brains to internalize a new habit. 

Don't think twice! This is your chance to start your week in a great way, receiving support and making it as easy as possible. You hop out of bed into the studio.

"The Magical Morning Series is an anchor to start my week

and to come back to moving and sitting in the mornings.
I'm really happy with this program (and your journal!)

it's helping me a lot to keep sane and grounded."



About my experience:

My magical morning routine started a couple of years ago. I can’t tell enough how much that has influenced my life to the better, happier, and healthier along with my Yoga practice and soul work. Since then I kept diving deeper, studying and gathering more information and scientific studies around this topic. I am excited to share with you my practice, the effects that my morning routine has on my daily personal, family, and work life. You will be practicing techniques to become clear and focused about the day that leads you to be more efficient at work, with your family, and let you enjoy your social life. 

The Magical Morning Routine Workshop has been a huge success for a couple of years.

Through my workshops and my book 'The Magical Morning Method', published in Dutch in October 2020, I have supported many women in starting their days in their magical way! Finding back the ease and getting to know themselves and their needs better every day.

I am excited to welcome you!


More participants’ experiences

"Taking a little bit of time in the morning already has a huge impact on the rest of the day.

From rushing into the day to starting the day very aware and relaxed. Overall, doing a morning routine made me more confident. I like the fact that you have something to hold on to when waking up, thus making it easier to start working as well. Besides, if negative emotions pop up in the morning it's wearing to notice but above all, it happens for a reason and therefore a good thing to happen in the morning so I don't bottle it up for the rest of the day.” - Katinka

"Jenny is a very kind and gentle mentor who has always and only your best interest at heart! She walks her talk and when she says “Do what is best for you in the moment” she completely trusts your inner wisdom to find what it is you need. Even when I needed to take a complete break from the course for an inner reset, she simply congratulated me for listening to myself. This was very empowering! I felt deeply held and trusted and after some days I felt the nudge deep inside to continue my morning practice with her beautiful ideas and journaling prompts, so I did, with renewed vigour!

The magical morning course is very well crafted, with different ideas and suggestions for different life situations, so you can experience many practices and then pick those that fit you on that particular day or in a particular season. It has deeply enhanced my morning routine, which had become somewhat rigid over the years, and I’m now better able to feel into my body each day and ask her what she needs. I love this newfound flow!” - Lisa

“I so much enjoyed the Magical Morning course. It was really inspiring for some additional Morning routines and a good reminder to take up old routines.

It also reminded me that I don't have to do everything at the same time and gives me a great toolbox to pick routines for my respective needs. Thank you from the Heart!” - Sina

“I couldn’t attend live at the morning sessions, but I really enjoyed the replays.

A huge insight was to start my day with journaling and tune the activities to my energy level that day. This is a completely different mindset for me. Have always been continuing, persevering and claiming little time and space for myself. Get to work with this. Thank you for this course!” - M.

“The Magical Morning Method is a beautiful gift to nourish and treat yourself.

To start my mornings with ease, selfcare and a little magic instead of snoozing and rushing in the end, changed my days radically.” - I.

“Biggest inside: the power of a morning routine with impact on the whole day, a day which is more loving towards myself and others.

And...the magic of life, via routine elements diving into the heart where is love, joy, trust and possibilities!

I loved the weekly online sessions, with different elements so anyone can choose what fits, and the gradual increase in more active yoga from wk to wk. I loved WhatsApp sharing, the power of the group was very important to me, for my motivation, inspiration and personal transformation. By telling and hearing. I appreciate how you are, loving, compassionate and positively stimulating us, with joy, accepting and space for each and everyone's process. In the online sessions and in the group app.” - Mirthe

"The morning routines brought me more joy, more focus, and more of everything I wished for in my life! "


I really love that it is a commitment for several weeks,

feeling part of something and connecting.

Also the availability to repeat any of the classes

for the rest of the week.


“I found this morning routine course transformational!

Starting my mornings with ease and intent!

Thanks to Jenny Schoenmann and the magical morning course! Such a difference in my life!”


"Now I have a beautiful practice to go to each morning.

Before, I would have to think:

What do I want to do now?

Which made me sometimes lose the motivation to start."


Morning winter
Image by Raphael Stäger

Magical Morning Series
Spring Routines

Slow down, Breathe & Soften

The EASE & RELAX Series is a fantastic way to release stress and tension, to be at ease, and to restore your balance at the end of the day!
The series consists of 10 weekly classes in which you will wind down, release stress, and take extra care of yourself to feel amazing and to restore balance.
You will release your day, relax your body and mind, and set yourself up for a restful sleep so you can wake up feeling energized the next day.


Gentle Flow.png
boon relax.jpg

These classes are for you if you want to:

  • Make time for yourself and practice live online from the comfort of

      your home or wherever you are

  • Commit to a series will help you to show up regularly for yourself

  • Practice consistently to bring ease and relaxation into your life

And all of this because you deserve to feel great and feel alive!



Practical Information:
Ease & Relax Series ( 10 Sessions) from January 13th - March 24th, 2022

  • 13th Jan

  • 20th Jan

  • 27th Jan

  • 3rd Feb

  • 10th Feb

  • 17th Feb

  • 24th Feb

  • Holiday Break

  • 10th March

  • 17th March

  • 24th March

Time: 20:00 - 21:00 CET.

Location: Online, from the comfort of your home via Zoom (no camera required on your end).
If you miss a class, I'll send you a link and you'll get a recording. That ensures that you build your successful routine.
How to attend:
RSVP before the 10th of January to

Fee for the Ease & Relax Series is € 100,-
For Ease Online Studio Members € 90,-

Single Class € 12,50

If you find it difficult to fall asleep, to relax and calm down after a busy day, or if you simply enjoy a deeply nourishing and restoring practice then this series is for you. Just send me an email.

I’m looking forward to bringing more EASE & RELAXATION into your life.

The series offers you:

  • Routines that help you to facilitate better sleep and allow you to wake up feeling rejuvenated and fresh the next morning.

  • Practical techniques to release the tension from your day, calm your mind and find back ease.

  • Powerful handpicked practices that include deep stretches, meditations, and reflections.

You will:

  • Restore your balance and boost your immune system

  • Apply conscious practices that bring clarity and focus and tap into your soul wisdom

  • Experience yoga movements that release physical and mental tension and stress

  • Slow down, breathe deeper and train yourself to tap into relaxation easier whenever needed

  • Enhance your natural inner and outer glow through self-care practices

  • You learn the tools to slow and calm yourself whenever needed

  • The sessions vary so that all routines receive the attention they deserve

"I so much enjoy the combination of journaling, reflection, yoga and pranayama, and oiling." C.

"This was really healing for me!" J.

"This was super relaxing and calming. I think I will be sleeping like a baby now" S.

Evening Series
Image by Markus Spiske



Tara Stiles, Founder of Strala

It's so easy to feel better when you're with Jenny. Her teachings are rich with experience and refreshingly accessible. Jenny so gracefully helps people feel comfortable while guiding gentlytoward improving. Her careful attention and many years of experience put you in great hands. She is an invaluable teacher. Enjoy her classes and offerings and you will feel better.

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