One to One Yoga & Daily Routines


In my personal sessions, we will spend some time to tune the practice to exactly what is best for you. You will get personalized instruction based on your health, lifestyle, and needs.
With your individual sequence plan and techniques, you will know what and be able to practice on your own between our sessions and at any time.
You'll experience a guided meditation, learn breathing and relaxation techniques, and learn how to create new habits and efficient routines. Together we analyze your progress and deepen and expand your practice.

A yoga consultation program can consist of:

  • Asanas (postures)

  • Breathing and relaxation techniques

  • Meditation practices

Specializations include:

  • stress reduction

  • retraining the nervous system

  • hormonal balance

  • improved sleep

  • digestive health, spinal alignment

  • mindfulness

  • improving concentration

  • peak performance

​Private classes can be shared by a maximum of two people. One on one yoga sessions at my yoga place, your home or work environment.
Meeting online allows you from any place to practice effectively under my professional guidance.



Holistic Daily Routines

Feel nothing less than your best!

This is your possibility for health through simple routines.
Feel and look brighter and happier as you improve the start into your day, recharge during the day and improve your sleep, digestion and overall wellbeing and energy.
Incorporate your most foundational routines, using the wisdom of Ayurveda, Yoga and Life Coaching. Learn how important it is to adjust your daily routines according to the seasons, the elements and your own cycle.
Face obstacles and change with strength and know how to nurse yourself in times of not feeling well - physically and mentally.
Rituals create the space for selfceare that is necessary to support your goals! To not only live and feel well but also live the life you want, take care of others, share and thrive with ease.

The At Your Best Routine is a 3 Session Program.
You will receive exactly the routines that are supporting you in the best possible ways.

Live according to the seasons
Routines include Morning, Midday and Evening practises which honour the time you are ready to dedicate for yourself.

'Jenny has the beautiful gift that she can make you feel completely comfortable with yourself and your body. Focus areas are adapted to the needs of the class and you are really seen in her classes. With the way of moving and Jenny's narrations, you easily get into a magical, blissful flow.'