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Start Your Day Being At Ease

Feel light, clear, present and be at ease.

The morning is a sacred time and

must be cherished.

This is the time when we choose

how we want the rest of the day to go!

Start Your Day The Perfect Way

Magical Morning

Feel light, be clear, present and be at ease.


In Just 5 Minutes...

you'll set the tone and pace for your day.


I am so excited that you are here and you are ready to start your day calm, relaxed and with positivity. 


I invite you to make this practice part of your daily morning routine.

It sets yourself up for feeling aligned, in balance and energized. 

Take advantage of this 5 minute morning routine that is simple but profound. 

You will gain clarity and a fresh attitude that supports you throughout your day. 

Using the mantras as your statement for the day will immediately shift you into an energy of positive vibrations.



Practical Tips:

  • Prepare your magical morning practice in the evening

  • Make it as nice and welcoming as possible. Create a special and sacred place that you are excited to return to every morning.


After you ‘jump’ ;-) out of bed, clean your tongue (my non-negotiable morning routine), brush your teeth, hop into something comfy and grab a cup of warm water with a squeeze of lemon.


Write down your intention:

Make a positive statement for your day.

Direct energy towards your actions and desired state of mind. A positive intention leads to a positive attitude. And a positive attitude unblocks barriers and increases productivity.

During the meditation, I offer you Intentions. Notice which one resonates the most with you.

 It can be different every day.

Note it down in your journal, on a piece of paper or as a reminder post it on your computer, phone, etc.


If you want to have your own individual and most beneficial morning practice with only the routines that are serving your needs and are worth your precious time - reach out and enjoy a  free call with me to talk about it.

And now, enjoy your practice!

From the heart,


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All Videos

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Why You Should Practice Yoga in the Morning!

Join my morning yoga classes because...

practicing Yoga in the morning sets the mood, clears thoughts, increases physical energy and endurance, but also early morning poses safeguard against discomfort later in the day.

When there is no set schedule for yoga, the time tends to slip away and responsibility takes over. Planning your practice to be at the same time each morning simplifies the goal while also improving the rest of your day as you start it feeling confident and ready for anything.

I'll guide you online & live on three mornings during the week through a MORNING YOGA PRACTICE that is designed to set you up for the day in the perfect way.

Everyone Is Welcome.

Any questions? Let me know...

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