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By Jenny Schoenmann

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Create the perfect flow for your day. This is a 30 minute Yoga practice to move, breathe & connect.

Let It Flow

Wake up your mind and your body. Gently transition into your day.

Set your mental tone.

4 Minute Morning Routine

Start your Yoga practice with the same 5 minute routine to calm your mind and settle into the present moment.

Daily Yoga Routine

Lipstick has the effect of making your eyes really stand out.

You feel more confident and powerful.

Quick & Easy Red Listick

Reduce expression lines and wrinkles, promote blood and lymphatic circulation, increase the supply of nutrients to the cells.

Rejuvenating Facial Massage

Wake up & radiate as your best self. Tools and practices to create your perfect evening routine.

Evening Routines

20 tips to smoothly transition into the next season with daily routines, yoga, skin care and nutrition

Welcome Autumn &
Increase Your Energy

Have just a few, healthy, toxin-free and best matching products for your skin!

 Your  Makeup Bag

This yoga pose is great to do in the morning to wake up your system as well as increases your beauty.

Wake up with Cat-Cow

This mask provides your skin with everything that is needed.
Your skin will feel moisturized, smooth and radiant.

Timeless Beauty Mask

Simply sit and breathe. You will reach a deeper level of awareness and reconnect to yourself and your needs. Enjoy, slow down and embrace being at ease!

5 Minutes to Slow Down

A simple and easy way to apply some glamorous red lipstick!


Chistmas Calendar Day 3

Take some time to pause & reflect. Set intentions for 2020. Start your new year with focus and gratitude.


Why external solutions, controlling and fixing clients does not work.

How change is happening in a sustainable and easeful way! 

Interview with Annemiek van Helsdingen