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You can incorporate this free practice easily into your everyday life, whether it is helping you start the day with inspiration and intention or finding renewed energy during a midday slump. These practice can be done at home or discretely in the workplace.


Hi, I am Jenny

I support you towards better health, confidence and living the life you love by being at ease and honoring your current lifestyle. I am a certified Coach and Yoga Teacher, founder of Soul Flow and Glow, the EASE Online Studio and the Author of the Magical Morning Methode. With years of experience I hold space for you so that you can connect to your needs and inner knowledge to reawaken the possibility to live your healthy, happy and purposeful life.

Finding ways to ground yourself is a powerful way to maintain equanimity when the world around you seems to just be a bit too much. I have found that even a few moments of deep breathing, slowing down and taking a pause can make a difference. Moving in alignment and harmony with yourself, slowing down the pace and physically grounding yourself during this free practice helps you to stay anchored in awareness when events around me can seem overwhelming.

Take a quiet moment to try the practice to help you feel refreshed and reconnected.


Tara Stiles, Founder of Strala

It's so easy to feel better when you're with Jenny. Her teachings are rich with experience and refreshingly accessible. Jenny so gracefully helps people feel comfortable while guiding gentlytoward improving. Her careful attention and many years of experience put you in great hands. She is an invaluable teacher. Enjoy her classes and offerings and you will feel better.

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