Magical Morning


Journal for reflection and direction.

To reclaim your inner Magic.

Magical Morning Method

Welcome! Great that you are here.

If you are like me and want to start your day in connection with yourself, then you’ve come to the right place!
Bring back the ease, focus, clarity, and meaning into your daily life.
The Magical Morning Method offers you this in a powerful and sustainable way . Filled with joy, lightness, and bringing results that you’ll see and more importantly FEEL!

And as amazing it sounds, it’s very simple.
There is only one thing you need to do: You need to commit to your daily journaling routine. And trust me, if you do so all the Magic will happen.

To get you started and set up in the best possible way for - Of course, you don’t need anything besides of your beautiful self, the Journal and a pen - but who, my sweet friend, doesn’t enjoy an extra touch of glamour?!

Here we go - it’s all set and prepared for you. Just pick what you like and what motivates, boosts and sparks your creativity and self-care.
Because as soon as you hold your Magical Morning Method in your hands you don’t want to waste any more time and get started. I am cheering you on and I am here for you - just message me

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The Magical Morning Journal is a powerful 9-week Method to createa life you love.

I have developed this Method to support you in a very profound way. 

To create daily routines that keep you in connection with your self, your needs, and to have success, sanity, and happiness in a nourishing, soft, and easy way.

Every morning is a new opportunity, a new beginning, and every day we feel different. By honoring and being aligned to how you feel you bring back the harmony that you need to show up for yourself and the world you deeply care for.

This journal offers you 9 weeks of daily journaling, weekly check-ins, small tasks, reflections, inspirations and a variety of practices & recipes you can choose from.

Every morning you will show up for your precious self!


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So,with gratitude


I am sharing this journaling method with you hoping that it will support you like me and many others, in the most authentic possible way.

This journal will bring you back to you.

With Love,


 Start Your Day With Magic and You'll Be At Ease

The Magical Morning Method offers you:

  • The opportunity to use your energy effectively and be impactful in your work and life so you experience less stress

  • Solid practices and tips to improve your health and well-being

  • A gratitude practice that will boost your mood to become a happier and more fulfilled person

  • A place to note down what worked well for you over the past week. This gives you the confidence and encouragement you need to continue developing strengths, habits, and actions that are beneficial to you

  • Clarity about what you have learned, which is crucial if you want to keep growing.

  • A place to write down your priorities, giving your brain permission to relax so you can focus on what really matters 

You will:

  • Know what is important to you. That helps you to set boundaries. Setting boundaries means you are clear on what supports your integrity towards your needs and values.

  • Gain authenticity and become less dependent on what people think of you

  • Recognize your own worth and let go of comparison, perfectionism, and uncertainty

  • Learn to take care of yourself. Through journaling daily you consistently take care of yourself and this will make you more resilient in the good times and the difficult times.

  • Make thoughtful decisions for yourself, your loved ones, and the world around you

  • Feel more grounded and open-hearted. That gives you the space for new ideas and a new beginning

  • Set your intention for the week and the day. Intentions ensure you send your energy, actions, and state of mind in the right direction

When we own our story and truth - that is when we feel alive and present.

I am honoured to support you on your journey!


"I love my Magical Morning Method. To begin with, it's so gorgeous!! Just holding it sparks joy. Journaling first thing in the morning sets the tone for the day. By focusing on gratitude and setting meaningful goals I feel great! Also, the little notes, quotes, and exercises Jenny shares are helpful & inspirational.

Thank you so much for introducing this morning ritual, Jenny! "