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Individual beauty session

How to glow...

You will explore together with me how to glow, look even more fresh and healthy in the shortest time. My aim is to bring back the joy to celebrate ourselves and our unique and individual beauty to step onto our wholeness and divinity.— using the best natural, professional and organic cosmetics. I have been facing the same questions as a make up artist for both international celebrities and private clients. I will provide you the most important answers:

  • how to do your make the right and glowing way from a professional working in this field for over 19 years

  • which great and handpicked professional products by myself over the years that suit your skin and honour your values. These cosmetics offer the perfect balance between healthy products and radiating glow

  • how to stop wasting time, money and feeling lost using the wrong products and techniques

  • enjoying to create your unique look, radiating from inside out and seeing the difference it makes

"What a treat to receive a make-up session with Jenny!
She shared great tips and taught me how to use my make-up kit properly. I was glowing!"

My services

Invest in my services to benefit for years from the clarity and confidence you gain. You can book:

  • individual beauty coaching at my local studio

  • group workshops, up to 4-6 Ladies

  • make up session for your special occasion, wedding, photo shoot

  • presentations

  • virtual beauty coaching

Self care Lounge

In my Self care Lounge you’ll learn an incredible way to get in touch with your inner needs. This is your time to deeply listen, connect and be yourself. Tap into the nourishing source of your vitality. You will take wiser and healthier decision that lead you to live more fully and radiate that from inside out, shine and inspire. As soon as you start taking care of yourself energy starts to flow. This transformation will show in your charisma.

Nude Make Up

Individual beauty packages


1. Glow


Individual beauty workshop

After your beauty workshop you get a list with the best kind of products and tools for you in case you want to invest in additional products. The workshop is 90 minutes and takes place at my beauty studio

2. Glow & Self care lounge

Individual beauty workshop

Your regular self care morning routine

Start your day the best possible way to support your glow and shine. I guide you to develop the best morning routine and skin care for yourself. This includes Ayurveda techniques to reduce toxins in your bodying increases circulation.We practice how to stimulate the to keep your skin shining, nourished and fresh. You get in touch with yourself, take the time to honour and celebrate your beauty: The most important gift we can give ourselves. This Glow & Self care session takes 2,5 hours

3. Glamorous Goddess

Individual beauty workshop


Styling Session with Nerine Jones

Nerine is a qualified Image Consultant and her passion is to set women free from the frustration of not knowing what to wear. She’ll teach you style principles that will put your joy back in getting dressed every day. For more impressions about Nerine’s work: Nerine Jones

Personal Stylist

Make up weeb.jpg

Virtual beauty workshop

We can have our session via video call like Skype or ZOOM from anywhere in the world that works for you. You just need a webcam and high speed internet connection. Daylight hours are preferred. The virtual glow session takes 90 minutes. As soon as you send me the request for your session I’ll get in touch with you to plan your session.

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