Just You.

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Take the time to be with yourself

Just You!

How does that sound?

“Silence isn’t empty. It is full of answers.” Zen proverb


In a couple of days, I will travel for one week just on my own. Without my husband and without my kids. Just me. A gift to myself.

I am doing this for 5 years by now. 

As excited as I am there is sometimes this feeling that’s creeping in:

What kind of mum am I leaving my kids? 

How can I ask that of my husband?

And how do I dare at all - so much is happening in my business!


But this time is so special for me that I just have to remind myself of how much I benefit it.

And I can let go of the feeling of guilt and shame. 

Here is why I want to encourage everyone, with or without kids/partner, working or not spending time just on your own!

I notice this so often that especially women are feeling such a strong responsibility towards their partner and kids that they don't allow themselves to do it.

Here is why it is so imortant for me and it might resonate with you:

  • Leaving the daily life behind connects you with what YOU need

  • You put your needs first

  • You can express your emotions however you want

  • You will appreciate even more what you have once you are back

  • You act as a role model for your family as you take care of yourself

  • Let everyone know: I am precious, I deserve this special time just for me!

  • You gain inspiration

  • You have time to breathe, feel and just be

  • Recharge and listen to your soul

Yoga Retreat, Spain

Make time for yourself

In just a few days it is time to leave. And even though it makes me feel emotional and I know I will cry when I am out of the door I am so proud of myself doing it.

When I am back I will be filled up with appreciation towards everything I have in my life and more clarity about what I need to let go off!

I'd love to hear about your experiences in traveling alone. Or what holds you back doing it what kind of support would you need?

Much Love,





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Soul Flow & Glow

By Jenny Schoenmann