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20 tips to smoothly transition into the next season with daily routines, yoga, skin care and nutrition

Picture by Vlada Karpovich

Autumn is the season of transformation. The leaves are falling, it gets dark sooner, lower temperatures, and the colors are changing.

Now is a good time to tune inward to the upcoming change of seasons.

As the earth makes her yearly progression around the sun, the air-based element Vata dominates this season.

Composition of the elements Ether, Air = Vata-Dosha

Vata Qualities: Light, rough and mobile.

All of these changes could potentially have some tangible effects on your body and mind.

Shifting and adjusting your daily routines can help to maximize your health, energy, and overall well-being.

You might already naturally crave more warm food and tea, snuggling on your sofa with an interesting book.

Everything in your body, from your sleep patterns to hormonal balance to mood swings, can be affected by autumn's shorter days and longer nights. From an energetic standpoint, it is important to take measures to feel grounded.

Tip #1 - Daily Routines 

  • Increase regularity - start your day with your perfect morning routine

  • Neti pot: helps to keep the lungs clear of congestion - especially when you have a cold!

  • Make it a priority to create downtime for yourself! Find grounding activities that are nurturing, like meditation, massages or home reading. 

  • Be in silence and commit to a regular journaling & meditation practice to assist in quieting, centering and grounding

  • Spend more time with family & friends in the evening. When it gets darker outside earlier, it lightens up our mood cooking and gathering together.

  • Bed time is suggested at 10:00 pm 

Tip #2 - Yoga

I begin my day with gratitude and I am grounded in my inner essence. - Mantra Inspiration

Tip #3 - Nutrition

  • Prefer eating foods that are warm, cooked and moist. Avoid raw veggies and salad

  • Drink warm tea of fresh ginger, lemon balm, cardamom, and cinnamon. This will warm the body and enhance circulation and digestion 

  • Eat root vegetables with quinoa, brown rice, and amaranth to enhance your connection to the earth

  • You may experience constipation since Vata the air element is dominant. Make sure to eat lots of fibrous food, take some magnesium-oxygen supplements as needed to help keep things moving and eat mindfully, chew well and slowly. 

Tip #5 - Skincare

In autumn the air gets crisper and the wind picks up. It is important to protect your skin and body

  • Spend more time with your Abhyanga Massage. It is also good for pacifying excess Vata, which can lead to feeling overwhelmed and imbalanced. This technique will release stress as well

  • Your skin may need extra nourishment. Use facial masks more often. Apply them after you have cleaned and/or exfoliated your skin

  • Use only all-natural, mild and simple face cleansers

  • It's time to switch back to thicker with an oil-based moisturizer

  • Tip: Use your usual moisturizer and add a couple of oil, like almond or sesame oil

Tip #4 - What else...

  • If you feel imbalanced and loose ground the windy weather might be a reason. Wear a hat or scarf around your head. That does wonder! 

  • Raise your energy level, your natural glow, wellbeing and stay in tune with the collective energy of which we are intrinsically part. 

Be Kind & Gentle To Yourself Along The Way!

Give yourself time, be kind and gentle to yourself adapting to the change of season and stay in tune with the collective energy of which we are intrinsically part of.

I hope you got inspired and remember, incorporate new routines and healthy lifestyle habits step by step, with ease and joy!

From the heart,


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