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New Year.
Fresh Opportunities.
Same You.


You are AWESOME and 2020 will be your magical year!

⭐  I am offering you ⭐

3 Sessions to develop and deepen your Yoga Routine

+ bring a friend

Practicing Yoga at home is one great way to do this!
Ease your mind. Develop a healthier, stronger body. Reconnection to your awesome self.

Feel free enough in your own body, in your own life and your own decisions
to change course at any time!
 Your own routine. Your own space. Your own needs.

If you've ever thought to yourself, "Am I doing this right? And what practices are 
good for me" this is for you.

You will be able to roll out your mat in your own space or wherever, whenever you want. You will know exactly which practices are going to meet your specific wants and needs.
Your routine will be one that is sustainable, fun, and fulfilling.

I am here to walk you along with practices, tools, and techniques that 
are easily available to you!

⭐  I am offering you ⭐

3 Sessions to develop and deepen your Yoga Routine

And the best part is you can bring a friend - because sharing is caring and 
a great way to commit to your new routine to be your awesome self!








* Bookings need to be made before January 30th, 2020,
Price: 3 Sessions + your friend for € 195,-


Daily Routine Consultations are available online, via ZOOM,

from wherever you are right now!

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'Jenny is a wonderful teacher because she respects who you are, lifts you gently, helps you to accept how you feel and even makes you feel good about yourself.'



'The Routine I got from Jenny opened up a whole new world for me. Instead of rushing into the day feeling grumpy, I now have my routine that makes me feel refreshed, focused and ready for the day.  The routines she gave me are great and I can already see and feel the difference! I cannot imagine my mornings without my routines anymore!





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Soul Flow & Glow

By Jenny Schoenmann