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Summer Special

It's almost the end of the school holidays and we slowly get back in our daily swing.

On top of your regular activities, you'll find yourself multiple times during the day being in service of others!
Be it as a parent, at work, in your social & family life.
Even though you enjoy it and chose to do so.

But is it still in balance? Is it still serving YOU?

Are you tired of taking care of everyone else around you?

  • Is your daily life so busy that you hardly ever have a moment just for yourself? 

  • And even though you are constantly doing and giving, it all still doesn’t feel right or fulfilling?


Is it time for the change that gives you a balanced life?! 

  • Doing the things and work that lift you and make you jump out of bed every morning with vivid energy

  • Spending all the time you need to nourish and re-energize yourself 

  • So that you are truly able to be the caretaker you’d love to be 

- wholeheartedly!


That’s why I am offering you the 'About You' Coaching Package!

  • This Package includes 5 Coaching Sessions, Practices & Tools

  • Face to Face in Den Haag, or virtually via Zoom.

  • We aim for one session a week to bring the benefits, positive changes and powerful effects right away into your daily life.

  • After our sessions, you’ll receive a worksheet that supports your journey towards your goals


 I am incredibly excited to get started!!

"Jenny has helped me through a very difficult time. I never paused, I never took a moment to see what I need.

Now I am prioritizing myself. I am energized and joyful again"


About You

Soul-Based Coaching Package


Summer Special valid until the 15th of September

€ 450,- instead of € 500

About You

Soul-Based Coaching Package


Summer Special valid until the 15th of September

€ 450,- instead of € 500

" I've been Soul-based Coached by Jenny on several occasions. She is an amazing holder of space and a very talented guide for profound inner transformations, the kind you can feel in the moment, as deep levels start to shift and heal. In our last session she helped me to heal an aspect inside of me that was scared to show my inner-most self to others, as it wanted to protect it from rejection. By the end of the session I saw that the same part that was keeping my core self in the box was the same part that, when itself was healed by a loving energy, wanted to take it out and share it with the world.
Thank you Jenny"




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