Welcome To Week 2

Be Your Soulful Self

Dear All

This week is about rooting and resting in yourself. Your Soulful Self is in alignment with your needs, who you are, and what you want. While being there for the world you deeply care for - wholeheartedly.
Set yourself up to be calm and at ease and in real connection with your breath and your body.

Go there for a little bit every day. Bring back the balance to experience yourself as something other than your thoughts or your beliefs.

Keep it joyful and let this practice be a practice for yourself - do with self-love and ease!

Feel free to share with me your insights and whatever liked to be shared in the chat or via email.


Much Love


"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else

is the greatest accomplishment." - Ralph Waldo Emerson -

Content of this site:

  • Morning Replay

  • Handout

  • Self-Inquiry Meditation

  • Facial Massage | Abhyanga

  • No time? - Try the non-negotiable morning checking-in


  • Video: Bring Back the Ease...

  • Alternative: 20 Minute Practice

  • Breakfast Recipes

Remind yourself: Create and develop your Morning Routine in your own pace. That's how it will be sustainable and long-lasting.


Facial, Heartfelt Massage & Short Energizing


Breathing, Meditation & Journaling



Self-Inquiry Meditation | 6 MIN

Turning your light inwards and embarking on the path of self-inquiry is a simple but powerful meditation method. You'll ask yourself 3 very important questions. Enjoy!

Who am I audio only 4 minJenny Schoenmann
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Self-Inquiry Meditation | 4 Min

Audio only

  • Take a comfortable, tall seat, find your most comfortable position

  • Relax your shoulders and the muscles in your face

  • Sit quietly and allow the mind to settle naturally

  • When the mind is relatively open and present, introduce the question: Who am I?

  • Let the question drop the question into the stillness. There is no need to find a logical answer at this moment.

  • Continue with the next question: What do I want?

  • Let the question drop into the stillness.

  • Continue with the next question: What am I here for? or How can i serve?

  • Let the question drop into the stillness.

Repeat these questions as often as you like. Just sit and be with them. Eventually, the questions reveal the answers, not as a thought but as a vibrant, timeless presence that underlies and infuses every experience. When you awaken to this presence, you may be surprised to discover that it has been there all along, as the unacknowledged context and space in which life unfolds.
If your experience is more neutral, confusing or less spacious in any way - be with that too - with kindness and compassion.

Facial Massage & Abhyanga

Practice it daily using a facial oil of your choice and give yourself the gift of being present with your precious self. Enjoy the warm touch and enjoy with all your senses. The key here is to do it slowly and mindfully. Please enjoy!

More About Abhyanga, Benefits & How to


Self-Massage -  on the go

Rub yourself from head to toe with 100 ml of warm sesame oil. Leave in for ten minutes and then wash off in a warm shower.
This will:

  • Dilate the pores

  • Allows toxins to be cleared through the skin

  • Helps congested lymph to return to the heart

  • Enables any residual toxins to be excreted via the liver and kidneys

(A Pukka Lifestyle, Book)

You have a couple of minutes? Your non-negotiable 2 Minute Morning Check in :-) Enjoy!

NEW- Bring Back the Ease when you've

lost it & Feeling Something


Nourishing Breakfast Recipes


End Of The Week - Questionnaire


Workbook Update


Checking-In Replay


Ayurveda Book Recommendation

  • Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life, by Dr.Claudia Welch

  • A pukka life, Finding your path to perfect health, by Sebastian Pole