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Daily Morning Journal

Journaling is a powerful way to clear your head, make important connections between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

The Daily Morning Journal

I’m so excited to announce that you can NOW order your Daily Morning Journal here!

This daily morning journal is designed to support ambitious women in a very profound way. To create routines that keep you in connection with your self. 
Being aligned daily to how you feel makes it possible to have the success, sanity, and happiness you desire in a nourishing and easy way.

You will achieve more, feel more by doing less.

Every day we feel different and honoring that is the way to be productive, efficient and staying true to ourselves.

" The past few months, I have woken up with writing in my beautiful daily journal. It was an amazing start to my day and to write down what I am grateful for, my intentions and weekly memories and motivations. I am so grateful for Jenny and her amazing ideas " - Rachel -


With this journal, you will:


  • improve your life, yourself and support your health and social life

  • have the unique opportunity to plan your desirable day and keep a record of your personal journey

  • notice early when you feel stressed, overworked, unhappy or even burned out

  • navigate through your days with gratitude, focus, and presence

  • create your daily rituals and start your day in a beautiful and powerful way

  • simplify your life through focus & clarity

  • track daily how you feel and get into your own flow

  • get grounded through learning about your true desires

  • create a positive attitude that unblocks barriers


The journal offers you:


  • the opportunity to use your energy more effectively and be more impactful in your work and life with less stress

  • solid practices & tips that improve your health and well being

  • the ability to set an intention for your day. You send your energy in the direction of your actions and state of mind

  • a gratitude practice, that boosts your mood to become a happier and more fulfilled person

  • a place to note down what worked well for you over the past week. This gives you the confidence to keep developing your strengths, habits, and actions that are beneficial for you.

  • clarity about what you have learned. This is crucial to keep growing.

  • Writing down your to-dos gives your brain permission to relax and lets you focus on what really matters


What a great way of becoming your best possible self!

"I am so grateful for this masterpiece! It is written in a beautiful way and appeals to me on every page. Since today I am officially being a morning journaler.
Thank you that you are sharing your journey and insights with the world. It enhances my world!"


"I love my Daily Morning Journal. To begin with, it's so gorgeous!! Just holding it sparks joy. Journaling first thing in the morning sets the tone for the day. By focusing on gratitude and setting meaningful goals I feel great! Also, the little notes, quotes and exercises Jenny shares are helpful & inspirational.

Thank you so much for introducing this little morning ritual Jenny! " - Ilse -

This version of the Daily Morning Journal contains a new section at the beginning of each week.

The intent is to set the tone and focus for your week and enables you to create solid habits that improve your health and wellbeing.
I have included little challenges for you to grow by stepping out of your comfort zone.
I have included space for you to draw. Drawing allows you to open your creativity and let emotions become recorded in the marks of your drawing. Often feelings are too complex for us to understand, art helps to record and express.


And the best thing, it doesn’t take long! Your morning ritual is simple and easy to do and you can take your journal with you everywhere. 

Along with your journal, I have included a new bookmark to help you keep track of your progress.

Create your daily rituals and start your day in a beautiful and powerful way.



Daily Morning Journal incl. Bookmark and free shipping within the Netherlands

Price: € 16,00

Delivery & Returns

"I am using this journal daily! I find the structure really great! It really makes you think and helps focus. "


"I absolutely love your Journal.It's made with so much loveand attention, one can just feel it!"


"Your Journal is an incredibly good support on my path of gratitude, self love and self-discovery."


"Thank you so very much for the journal.

It is wonderful! I love it so much. Thank you again for sharing such a great book with me!"


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