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Did you know that my first professional training after school was to become a hairdresser? This was kind of revolutionary back then because after having done the German High school diploma (Abitur) I was expected to study at the university. I knew very early that going to higher education such as uni wasn't for me. I needed to do something right away, be creative. I also wanted to move out and be independent - also financially.

One day, working at the hair salon, a lady had an appointment for coloring her hair. After arrival at the salon, she said she only wants to get her hair washed and postpone her hair coloring appointment. She explained that it was a moon day and on a moon day doing that kind of thing can only go wrong.

I am sorry to confess - but back then, I really thought this lady was completely nuts. At this time of my life, I couldn't have been more disconnected from my body and therefore to the effects nature has. It was a challenging time. And my relationship to my body wasn't a loving one at all. Looking back at - a necessary time I have learned that the body, mind, and soul are capable of a lot but at one point it is time to invite change.

However, years later, I could be that person rescheduling (not necessarily my hair appointment though;) But I do schedule appointments and activities more mindful and honor my body's needs to keep myself in balance. There are times in the month when I have to turn my attention inward, taking rest and retreat. That is a necessity to fully show up without feeling stressed out or even burned out. I have learned over the years that slightly adjusting my schedule, without getting too rigid and strict about it, to the cycles like the moon and my own cycle brings me great benefits. Such as feeling more energetic, powerful, and creative. Or receiving important insights when allowing myself to slow down.

And it is not complicated. You can simply integrate it bit by bit into your daily life. I promise you'll feel so much better!

Learn more about adjusting your schedule in Yoga and your cycle conversation

I am curious. How it is for you? Do you notice a difference in adjusting your schedule to your body's and soul's needs?

From the heart,


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