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It is ok to feel good!

Let me be your quick reminder of something very profound:

It is something many of my yoga students as well as my coaching clients struggle with.

And I am not an exception. We are great in feeling stressed, rushed, miserable and unsatisfied - to just name a few. Here is my reminder:

It is ok to feel good.

It is good to feel good. It is actually amazing to feel good. You are good right now! At this moment as you are feeling good - celebrate it!

Stand up from your chair or wherever you are right now, get your arms, jump if you like - act like no one is watching, they think you are crazy anyway;-) - and please, give yourself permission to feel good - even awesome!

  • Make it a point to celebrate the good moments!

  • Decide to have a good day. Decide to have fun.

  • Decide to even have an exceptional day!

How to practice it every day:

  • take a pen and paper / your journal

  • write down what you are grateful for

  • put a smile on your lips - it’s ok to fake it

  • let the smile expand to your eyes, heart, and belly

  • switch on your favorite song & dance record a video of yourself going crazy and send it to me ( just joking ;-) )

It is NOT about neglecting or suppressing uncomfortable feelings, sickness or pain. It is about creating and living a fulfilled life.

That’s what I wanted to remind you of! Let me know if it worked.

From the heart, Jenny

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