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The New Moon is a great opportunity to start or refresh your Self-care Routine.

The new moon phase is a great opportunity to start or refresh your self-care routine. Implement new routines and rituals and adjust them to your needs.

The New Moon teaches us about clarifying our vision to the future. As well as to receive what we have planted in the past. It is a great time to implement positive new habits and routines to benefit from. This is an innovative time for all of us.

New Moon Sacred Self - Care Routines

Sacred self-care yoga

Open your heart with these 2 yoga postures. They support you to open up, receive and invite the joy and happiness into your life that you deserve.

Cobra Pose Lie on your belly, bring the hands next to your chest. Slowly lift your chest and pause where you feel a nice opening in the front side of your body, around the heart. Relax your shoulders and your neck. Sway from side to side. Stay for a couple of breaths. Then rest on your belly and feel.

Repeat if you like.


This restorative version is great to completely relax, release ,and to unfold. Support your back with a long bolster or a couple of blankets. Use a block or another blanket to lift it a little where your head rests. Bring the arms to the side. Find space around the collar bones, chest ,and heart. Relax your legs and feed. Stay here as long as you like. Close your eyes.

Enjoy - you are exactly where you need to be!

Sacred Self-care Journaling

Ask yourself:

  • How does your positive view of the future directly affect your life?

  • How would you like to feel?

Write it down and keep it somewhere where you can see it.

Sacred Self-care Beauty Ritual

Dry brushing

Give your circulatory system an extra boost by dry brushing. Incorporate this simple practice into your daily routine.

It is best to do in the morning before you shower or doing your oil massage.

Choose a soft firm brush with natural fiber bristles.

Start at your feet and brush firm with circular motions upwards towards your heart More Beauty Routines

Sacred Self-care Meditation With Music

Let the next couple of minutes be just about you.

Download the 'Expect Miracles' Playlist

  • Sit in a comfortable position. Allow yourself to open up to your feelings and embrace them Notice if there is something to release Notice if there as a desire

Listen to the words in the first song: ‚I live in a house of miracles. Held and guided by your light deep within.So precious this lifetime I have been giving and I believe there is a magic that’s about to begin….‘

Let the music move you. Allow the energy to move and release some blockages if that's needed. Listen to the music while you relax or practicing yoga.

Whenever you need a reminder that you can expect miracles!

Thank YOU, gorgeous! I hope you’ve enjoyed these self-care inspirations for a new moon phase. Of course, you can and should keep continuing those regularly.

It doesn't have to be complicated as you see! Remember, incorporate new routines and healthy lifestyle habits step by step, with ease and joy!

Your turn: What is the one routine you will incorparate? I'd love to hear what you will start with! Let me know in the comments below. 

Keep shining and glowing,


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