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Simplicity versus Action

How much I loved our holiday filled with routines, stillness & nature.

I have been treated with another week just with my husband while our kids visited their grandparents.


The two of us chose a place which is in the countryside of Fuerteventura on an old farm. The only sound we were accompanied by were the chickens, the crazy rooster, some donkeys and… nothing!

That’s exactly what I need. I need stillness.


Aren’t holidays the opportunity to become still and listen to this small voice that we rarely give time and attention to?


„No matter where you go - there you are“


We need to slow down. Not replacing our busyness with another during this time. Giving ourselves the time we usually don’t take.


I asked my husband: What would you like to have happened during this holiday?

His answer was - „riding some nice waves.“ - a little bit more romantic answer would have been appreciated as well ;-)

Mine was - „Just being."

We agreed on that.


Here is why and what I loved about our holidays:

  • When traveling we might have difficulties to settle.

  • If we need to fly long hours we even having a jet lag.

  • We may experience constipation due to unusual food/eating times.

  • Sleeping can be a challenge due to different and unusual surroundings.

  • Routines can help us to release stress and settle to fully enjoy our stay.

  • I kept my morning routine the same as at home.

  • It has become a non-negotiable part of my life as it has simply too many benefits.

My 4 most precious tools:

  1. Meditation / Pranayama ( Breathing Exercise )

  2. Yoga & Why!

  3. Ayurveda massaging techniques

  4. Journaling

  5. I kept my warm breakfast, Ayurveda style, with cooked local fruit - delicious and easy to digest what provided me with lots of energy and all the nutrients the body needs.

One day I received a message in the morning which made me very angry and unsettled.

Walking at the beach, watching the waves helped me to ground and connect again.

There was no need to solve anything, being productive or keep worrying.

Later on, this issue was way smaller and easier to handle.


Connecting with nature, walking & moving brings up the best of us and creativity just flows!

I wanted to have my notebook with me all the time!


Eating dinner early.

When you have developed a habit that feels just great, which for us is eating early in order to have a good night sleep, you can hardly resist even doing it during holidays.


JOMO - The joy of missing out!

For me, holidays are the time to connect with me, my family and the people around.

This requires to slow down and not fill the free space with other things.

Let’s enjoy this gift surrounded by nature on its own.

Coming back home to yourself.

Let your Holiday be a time to unplug in order to reconnect!

Be in silence and make room for the soul to awaken.

After one week, going back home was something I was looking forward to.

I am living a life I really like and appreciate!

Living a life where I don’t need holidays to escape from.

A life that is not daring and exhausting where the only light seeing is the next holiday.

Though I absolutely think that being away from home is important, it is a time to nourish myself even deeper.

With love,



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