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Why I love travelling on my own!

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Be on your own and leave it all behind!

This week I returned from a one week retreat in Italy. There I met lots of beautiful women that opened up about their lives. Managing the challenge of running a business while balancing this with family life and personal time. Some had to deal with life-threatening health issues and the loss of their loved ones. It was a great opportunity to truly share with and listen to each other as an important step to heal and connect.

Then magic unfolds and gives overcoming shame and loneliness.

We danced, sang, practiced yoga, ate, hugged and meditated together.

I haven’t cried and laughed at the same time so much for a very long time. Waves of deep deep gratitude &  humbling flushed over me.

The level of connection to myself as seen there I haven’t experienced before. Using all the tools I have gathered over the past years by the meanings of yoga, soul-based coaching and embracing my divinity.

This has been a true experience of seeing each other and honoring the person I am. In my wholeness and imperfection. The breathtaking nature and the great attention to detail when the owner designed the retreat place, not too mention the food, did the rest.

I loved to be in my room, on a walk or outside just on my own as much as being in company with others and noticing how we all became more and more balanced, giving and comfortable in receiving.

During this time I:

Experienced more inner peace.

Gained clarity on what makes me happy

Deepened the relationship with myself

Having these impressions still fresh in my body, mind & soul I am aware that they might fade away. Some faster some slower.

How can we treasure and access these positive intentions and habits? Here are my tips:

  • Pause when you notice familiar triggers and old habits and breathe

  • Download the songs you have heard during your stay and listen to them any time

  • Draw pictures on how you feel during your stay and pin where you can see them

  • Get the herbs or flowers you have smelled and tasted

  • Journal during your stay and read your notes you have madeSmell the sun cream or the soap you have used

  • Stay in touch with people you have met there

Remember what gave you peace during your stay. No or less:

Phone time?Checking emails?Social media?If yes, make it a habit and reserve time without your devices during the day!

This is not about regretting that this time is over! It is a reminder of the relaxation, connectedness or whatever it was for you. You have filled up your mental bank account. Keep it.

From the heart Jenny

If you want to give yourself the prescious gift of taking the time just for yourself.

Here is the perfect opportunity:

The Soul Essentials Yoga Retreat

Rites & Rituals with the unique Combination of Soulful Yoga & Sound

16th -18th of August 2019, Hilversum, Netherlands

Rituals and Routines are one of the most nourishing things we can offer ourselves.

In this retreat, Arianne and Jenny combine their unique skills that take you on a journey to your soul. Listen to your soul, reconnect and recharge, inspired by unique sounds and soulful yoga.

You will practice rites and rituals to support your wholehearted life filled with deeper meaning in the simplicity of everyday living.

You can lean in and receive. Let go and find back that ease and magical wisdom through the practices we offer you. Gain insights and understand priorities on how to live your life in balance through daily rituals & routines.

Arianne and Jenny inviting you to join them in a sanctuary. Whether you are craving nature, stillness or a deep reconnection and renewal.

This retreat is specially designed to offer you the time, space and practices to find what you need.

You’ll discover the secrets and techniques that experienced teachers and healers use in their practice. And much more significantly, you’ll learn how to make these abilities a real part of your entire life. This is why this retreat is unique. You will be given rites & rituals that are easy to incorporate in your daily life. Improving your health, clarity, and beauty from inside out.

You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.

Swami Vivekananda

About Jenny: For the last years, Jenny Schoenmann has been instructing as a 500 hours certified yoga teacher both group and one to one classes on a daily basis. She hosts regular workshops on yoga, healthy movements, meditation, morning rituals, and stress reduction. In the Netherlands, she is teaching at Delight Yoga and previous to that at Yama Yoga in Doha, Qatar. In Jenny's yoga classes you will move with ease and from your center. You have all the freedom and space to explore your body in the postures. That ignites freedom and the space to connect with your soul wisdom.

Jenny is the founder of her own company Soul Flow & Glow - Offering the unique combination of Yoga, Soul-based Coaching and Beauty.

She is a certified Coach in Clean language and Symbolic modeling also known as Soul-based Coaching. This approach goes deep and is long lasting based on working with her client's wisdom and inner knowledge. In her daily work, she offers women the unique combination of Soul Flow and Glow. To get clear about their purpose, create meaningful progress and live the healthy life they want. They achieve this by staying true to their femininity, being at ease and showing their shining beauty with pride.

Jenny knows the importance of being in touch with her Soul Wisdom. As a mother of two, moving countries and homes several times, being an entrepreneur for over 20 years. She developed the rituals that allow her to be in ease when needed and following her truth while prioritizing taking care of herself in order to support her family and clients as much as they deserve it. Last year she published „The daily morning journal“ A powerful transforming Routine.

About Arianne: Arianne De Vos Burchart is fascinated by the healing language of our body/mind. Our ultimate communication source for spatial poetry, and yet the best thermometer of the self. Her work is best described as deep and lusciously caring with a hint of free flow.

Arianne is a seasoned yoga/meditation teacher and yoga therapist, who has worked with many people of different ages and abilities. Her speciality is facilitating healing sessions of vibrational therapy ( sound/ stress pattern release), yoganidra, breathwork, shamanic healings and alchemy of touch. Besides her healing work, Arianne also creates and teaches dance and related events, for very diverse groups and locations. During her travels, she has encountered many wonderful master teachers with many different backgrounds in yoga, tcm and bodywork, shamanism and dance that have touched her practice and teaching as it is today. Much gratitude goes out to them.

She operates through her own company ‘tulsi treats’, through which she organises her workshops, classes, treats and retreats, in collaboration with others. She lives a transient life mostly between Asia (India) and Europe.

The Place:

Credits: De Hoorneboeg

We selected a venue that both body & soul are being cared for. That allows you to connect with nature and be nourished with healthy and delicious food. Participate in this retreat to take it home and to grow it every day.


Rates include accommodation, shared or a single room, organic vegan food, snacks, tea, practices & workshops:

Early bird until 15th of June 2019 Shared double room: € 395,- Single Room: € 450,-

After the 15th of June 2019 Shared double room: € 425,- Single Room: € 495,-

To book and secure your spot send an email to: Jenny: or Arianne:

Booking conditions: A booking amount (50% of the retreat price) is needed for reserving your place in the retreat, half of which (25% of the retreat price) is refundable on cancellation up to 1 month from the starting date of the retreat. On cancellation within 1 month from the starting date of the retreat, the booking amount of 50% is non-refundable.

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