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You already hold inside you all the essential elements

of happiness and through this holistic coaching process, we bring back clarity, confidence and purpose in your life.


I am so honored and excited that you are here! You have done the first and a very important step to invite positive change into your life! The road ahead will be exciting, challenging and ultimately one of the richest and most valuable experiences of your life.

Get ready to do what it takes to create the life you most want.









As a Certified Soul-based Coach (SBC) I support and help you to invite the positive change into your business and/ or personal life. I guide you in the sessions to let go of what holds you back. You will start peeling off the layers to step into your full potential.


Just feel confident that maybe it is unusual, it's because we go soul-deep straight away. SBC builds on the belief that everyone has the resources needed within themselves. SBC empowers you to take the steps to make the changes you desire.  In our sessions, we clarify your personal beliefs, goals, and conflicts, and to bring out the meaningful change (without overruling your inner wisdom) and to create a healthy environment for change. That way we see lasting effects of inner change. As an SBC Coach, I am not there to fix or save you. You are a work of divine art and I am humbled to coach you.

"I didn't know what to expect from our time together, but the results blew me away! Jenny is such an intuitive coach and knew exactly how to guide me deeper and find the core of myself. I loved that the goal is not to fix anything about me but to uncover what is going on. Our sessions together were fun and left me feeling renewed and cared for. Thank you so much, Jenny!" -Jessica-

Ready For The Next Step?


Because I want you to create the meaning and purpose in your life that you deserve and want.

Let’s do this together. We will work hard, but we will do it with ease and softness.

And that is why it works!

I am incredibly excited to get started.



"If you are looking for a great coach, I can highly recommend Jenny. She has excellent interpersonal skills and is truly helping people reach their fullest potential. Jenny has the right ingredients for success:’ A kind heart, wisdom and knowledge and the desire to make a lasting positive impact in your life." -Petra

"I absolutely loved the sessions. I now know that I have to become active myself and only then I can shape my life better. This gives me hope and a guide. Every day must be consciously started and finished by me. I need rituals and must persevere so that this new way of life is anchored." - Birthe

"I highly recommend Jenny & her soul based coaching sessions. She is a beautiful soul who holds space for magic to happen. Gently & curiously asking questions for me to explore the wonderful depths of my soul & find my own answers. I loved Jenny’s intuitive & loving nature. I felt calm & safe & discovered so much about myself." - Lee


One to One Coaching for Excellent Results

Ready for the final step?

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One to One 12 Week

Transformational Coaching Program

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3 In-Depth One to One  Coaching Sessions

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Setup a free 30 minute Session to connect and to establish how we can work together.

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Why Soul-Based Coaching Is Different:

"I've been Soul-based Coached by Jenny on several occasions. She is an amazing holder of space and a very talented guide for profound inner transformations, the kind you can feel in the moment, as deep levels start to shift and heal. In our last session she helped me to heal an aspect inside of me that was scared to show my inner-most self to others, as it wanted to protect it from rejection.

By the end of the session I saw that the same part that was keeping my core self in the box was the same part that, when itself was healed by a loving energy, wanted to take it out and share it with the world. Thank you Jenny"

- Paloma -

"The sessions with Jenny were very important in my journey connecting with myself and mission in life. A big thing, this soul-based work that she does just covers whatever needs to be covered. I love that! We worked over a period of time and that just added a lot of quality and deepening to my process. Taking some time to let the process ripple out and integrate.
 In her space, I always feel very comfortable.

What I see in her is a lot of joy and playfulness, and inspiring beautiful woman."

- Susanne -

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