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Weekly live & online classes

from the comfort of your own living room.

Your way to ease your mind, strengthen your body, and

taking good care of your overall health and well-being.


I am offering you the space to release physical, emotional, and mental stress & tension.

To deepen, cultivate, and explore a yoga practice that focuses on moving in alignment with yourself and your needs. So that you feel energized, calm, fresh, rejuvenated after each session.


Practice in the comfort of your home, office, or wherever it suits you best.

Slow down. Breathe deep. Connect within.

Online Live Stream Classes

- Wednesday -

Wake up and start your day with intention, focus, and ease.

I'll guide you through a routine that makes you feel energized and refreshed.


Wednesday (45 min) focuses on:

  • Efficient breathing practices to awake and cleanse your whole system. 

  • Gentle Yoga Practices to awaken, stretch and nourish your body and mind

  • Self-care Routines & Meditation

  • All Levels Are Welcome

- Thursday -

Ease into your evening and restful sleep. Release the tension from your day, calm your mind, and find back ease.

Creating a before-bed routine helps to facilitate better sleep and allows you to wake up feeling rejuvenated and fresh.

Good night's sleep is crucial to maintain a healthy body and mind.

  • I'll guide you through an evening routine that sets you up for a calm and restful night.

  • You are invited to join a few minutes earlier to share what's going on for you (optional)

  • All Levels Are Welcome

- Friday -

Wake up and start your day with intention, focus, and ease.

I'll guide you through a routine that makes you feel energized and refreshed.


Friday (60 min) focuses on:

  • Practical morning routines

  • Energizing yoga that stretches and strengthens the body with a focus on the breath

  • Intention setting & Self-care Routines

  • All Levels Are Welcome

  • Single Class for € 11,-

  • Weekly Class Card for € 25,- book here

  • Private Online Yoga, 60 Min. for € 65,-  book here

  • Monthly MembershipAccess to the whole online yoga practice library for € 24,- More here

For booking your classes via email click here:

Practical Note

Please let me know if there are any complications for you to book yourself in and I'll give you other options!

Paypal is not an option for everyone.

Special note: 

  • After each class, I'll stay a bit longer and you are invited to stay as well if you like. Take advantage of a safe place to connect and share what's happening for you. 

  • I created a schedule that allows you to practice at different times each day. My intention is to support you in the best possible way to face these challenging times by being at ease, staying in good health, and keeping a clear mind.

There are other options available like yoga with your colleagues, create a group together with your friends and I'll guide you according to your needs. Or one on one live classes to serve your individual needs.

Just send me an email with your request.


Practical Information:

1. We will use ZOOM - no registration fee. Easy to download
2. Use the link you'll receive after purchasing your class
3. Please be on time
4. Please set your microphone to silent (risk of feedback).

What you need:
1. Space to practice
2. Your computer, phone or Ipad with Wifi Connection
3. With your Zoom link, you'll receive what to bring with you

if necessary

If something doesn't work just get in touch and let me know!


"Thank you so much Jenny, that was perfect! Everyone loved it, and said your voice was so pleasant and soothing! Just what I needed today, I feel like a new person“ C.

"Thank you so so much- it was really a great class and also i felt your energy and was so nice to see you!“ M.

"Thank you Jenny, it was great doing yoga together in this silent time!" I.

"I highly appreciate your guidance. For all the effort you are taking to make it possible to keep on practicing, to connect." M.

"It was wonderful!! The extra self love part. It makes your class special, your extra Jenny touch." P.

"What a wonderful session." L.

"Awesome initiative and great support. Keep up the good vibes everyone." S.

"Thank you Jenny. You are so kind and your voice is so comforting, I really love the whispering. You create such a safe space where I do not even feel safe in my own being. It has been weeks ago since I was able to show up on my mat again. Thanks again Jenny, I really appreciate it xx Sho"

.. Jenny has taught me more about myself in the last two years, than I could have ever imagined. She's extremely skilled, she absolutely knows what she’s doing..


I would like to thank you for all your wisdom and calm being. Your talks and yoga helped me during my burn out. It was a hard way but I learned a lot about myself.




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