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31.05. - 06.06.21


Feel Good Yoga Library

WELCOME to your home to feel good, be your soulful self, develop a healthy body,

an easeful mind, and claim your well-deserved self-care time.

In my Library, you'll get the support you need to practice consistent self-care,

to bring back the ease  & to feel your best.

Bring Back The Ease

Gentle Flow.png

I discovered the benefits and how much better it feels to slow down and to bring gentleness to my yoga practice and into my daily life.

I am here to support you to take good care of yourself. To build strength, stability and give yourself a good healthy, and nourishing stretch. In my yoga classes, you'll be encouraged to move well, and to connect with what your body needs. This is crucial to feel good and enjoy your life as you will take it from the mat into your day. Your efficient and effective yoga practice will increase your stability, strength, and flexibility. That nourishes and energizes you. I am excited to share what I have learned with you!

Yoga That Makes You Feel Good

What Others Say


"Amazing practise. So compatible with my karate training. Love the challenge with ease instead of pushing as I used to."


"This library is my every day relaxation and me-time. It is great to have the possibility to do your classes at any moment during the day and all the videos are all so different."


"Jenny, yet another effective and inspiring session for those who got demanding day to day "routines". Thanks a lot!"

Join The Ease

  • Over 80 videos and growing

  • Yoga Practices of Different Lengths & Styles

  • Morning & Evening Practices

  • Guides To Feel Better

  • Breathing Practices

  • Tutorials & Ayurveda Recipes

  • Update of Classes Weekly

  • Regular check-ins on your needs & wishes

  • Personal Contact

  • Q & A

  • Comment & Feedback Section

  • Lifestyle Inspirations & Tips

What Awaits You

Personal Support

You can't pour from an empty cup!

Here is something I know to be true: The moment you take care of and nurture yourself you actually have more to give and

you can give wholeheartedly!

Taking care of yourself is not selfish - it’s an act of love.


If you’re ready to bring back the ease this library is for you!

And it comes in a practical, simple, and profound way!

evening pic.jpg


Magical and very healing.

What a special class. Loved the music at the end - thank you!


Jenny, this class feels really good for these days, where you don't even want to do yoga (or even feel good!). This restorative practice makes space in the body where it's most needed. Your voice is calming and soothing. I feel the relief in my lower back. This class is pretty good for cramps and headaches too. I love it!


I always find your voice so soothing. I very much enjoy the mix of challenging asanas with more relaxed moments.


Thank you so much, your classes are helping me so much.

Fire breath.png

Feel Good Yoga Membership

Practice at any time, whenever and wherever you like.

Become a member, get support and bring back the ease whenever needed.

Join the Friday Live classes with a 50% discount

€ 24/Month

You have the option to end your subscription every month.

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