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Often the things that we don’t want to do in the first place turn out to be one of the best!

My family spent the summer in Southern Germany, Bavaria close to the mountains. In the mornings we discussed with our kids what we want to do. They either wanted to stay home playing with the kittens they had found near our guesthouse or go swimming. My husband and I were keen to go hiking. So we had to find a compromise.

Often in the mornings before we went for a hike my kids were in a bad mood, complaining and even crying as they didn’t want to. I told them I understand their feelings but we do it anyway. Not sure if this is a parental skill I should be proud of ;)

However, it was often very annoying and required some deep breathing from my side to stay calm.

Here is what surprised me every time again: As soon we started to walk, be in nature, in the mountains, they loved it. The kids, that I needed to drag and pull out of the house was now the happiest ever! Often my daughter said “I didn’t expect that it is so much fun to hike. It's not as bad as I thought “

(unfortunately she forgot about it again 2 days later when we got ready for another hike)

This is my most favorite picture of our holidays!

My kids created the worst scenarios in their minds before we even started. For them, it wasn’t just a nice easy hike with pauses. They imagined it to be a 6-hour steep hike where they will almost die because of physical exhaustion. ;)

They needed to experience it and I am confident that at one point in their life they will be grateful for it. Until then I am ok with not being ‘the mum of the year’

I think that's a good reminder that so often the things that we don’t want to do in the first place because they require some of our energy and are unknown, turn out to be one of the best!

So, my friend, from this story to you:

Maybe I'm making myself a little unlikable like I did with my kids by telling you that your time on the yoga mat is incredibly important and necessary.

I am sure you know that already, as you have explored it over and over!

And yet you don't always feel like it. Even though this little voice within tells you the opposite.

I understand and feel you. But still: Get on your mat, be curious and explore what's happening for you there. No expectation or performance - just show up.

I can't tell you how often I have been, after my practice, wondering why I was even doubting doing it. (Just Like my daughter Lulou and yet we forget easily ;) )

In this spirit are you back with me again? Practicing together being at ease, improving our well-being, health, and calm and clear state of mind?

We can easily loose connection to ourselves and what matters most as we live in stressful times. We are not here in the present where our lives actually taking place.

Hope to see you there.

From the heart,


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