Spring Beauty Practices - Glow from the inside out

It is the time that daylight increases steadily, you might already feel lighter and more energised.

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Here are some beauty practices to harness the beauty of spring and glow from the inside out:

  • Eat lighter, pause 3 - 5 hours in between meals

  • Fast through having at least 12 hours between your last meal in the evening and your 1st one in the morning

  • Start a morning routine - its a great time to rise and reset bad habits. Take advantage of the early sun rise

  • Sweat! It’s a great time to release stagnation and flush out toxins that have accumulated during winter timeIncorporate more Sun Salutations and standing postures in your morning Yoga sequence

  • Increase your water intake - have a big glass of warm water with lemon in the morning to stimulate your digestive organs for a good inside cleansing

  • Go for long walks

  • Practice oil massage in the morning! Especially do your facial massage to reduce skin fat and increase circulation for a healthy and fresh glow

Invite more colour into your life:

  • Keep your make up light and shiny.

  • Use lighter and happier colours that make YOU feel light and happy!

  • Use soft and subtle foundation textures for a flawless look

  • Play around with more creamy textures for your cheeks

  • Give it a go and wear some light red lipstick. Quick & Easy Red Lipstick

  • Go through your wardrobe, maybe it’s time for a spring cleanse! It will make you feel lighter

  • Take advantage of the creative energy:

Go for what you want - the universe will support you!

Enjoy Spring.

Stay in the flow

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