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You already hold inside you all the essential elements

of happiness and through this holistic coaching process, we bring back the ease, clarity, and confidence in your life.


When it comes to making sustainable and long-lasting change, it often looks like you have to take an all-or-nothing approach. That you need to get it perfectly right, or it might not even be worth to give it a try. This belief is very convenient for the ego, as it allows you to remain stuck in perfectionism, burnout, overwhelm and confusion.

Let me tell you a little secret: you don’t have to overhaul your entire life to feel at home in it or to create a fulfilling relationship with yourself, other people and the world you so deeply care for. Rather, it is about taking small, at times wild or messy, and consistent steps that create a snowball effect that starts to ripple through all areas of your life. Deep down you already know very well what lights you up and nourishes you, though your life experiences may have clouded your vision at times.

In my work as a Soul-Based Coach I have discovered many women long for:

  • a real connection with themselves and others

  • purpose in life

  • a way to care for their families while living an authentic/balanced life

  • independence

  • a way to show up with pride

  • permission to be vulnerable and thrive from there

There is a deep long to:

  • feel worthy, valued, and seen while remaining true to their feelings and emotions

  • know they are enough

  • stop feeling exhausted from trying to fit or blend in

  • let go of perfectionism





As a Certified Soul-based Coach (SBC) I support and help you to invite the positive change into your business and/ or personal life.

I provide my clients with space, time, and guidance they need to access a place of inner clarity. Without judgment and with copious amounts of compassion and curiosity, we uncover the unsupportive beliefs and behaviors that stand in the way of them living the life they feel they are here to lead. Then, when those beliefs have been exposed, I see my clients empowered and excited to take full responsibility for their own wellbeing, with boldness, confidence, kindness, and pride.

The Method

coaching review sbc.png

My client struggled to find the balance between getting the important work done while not feeling overwhelmed. In the past, she felt often exhausted which ended in severe illness. She loves her work, leading a company, and bringing healthy solutions to other health practitioners. But to do so she needed to find a way to work that keeps her joyful, efficient, and healthy. I am excited for her that this is how she feels now and inviting the change that she desires!

The moment we understand we have the choice to change things and are willing to lean into it - magic happens.

The Process

Soul-Based Coaching is rooted in the belief that you are complete, whole, and have all the knowledge and strength you need to live life as your awesome self. Your transformation does not solely rely on your logical mind, rather it is based on the knowledge of your Soul. If you were to embark on coaching sessions with me, we would work towards activating the parts of you that are needed to transition into a new way of being. As these parts show up in these sessions, you would arrive in the place from which your desired growth can take place.

As a coach, I am mostly here to witness and support you in finding clarity on your personal beliefs, goals, conflicts, and to create a healthy environment for change. Together, we would take inventory of where you are right now, where you desire to be, and we would map out your journey and the tools and techniques that would guide you on your way. I would encourage you to discover your individual strengths and use them effectively.

Long Lasting Change

Due to my work in this field, I know that Soul-Based Coaching becomes a method you can use independently after the completion of our work together. I have also discovered that you don’t have to overhaul your entire life to feel at home in it. You often don’t have to change a whole lot in order to create a fulfilling relationship with yourself, other people and the world you so deeply care for. Rather, real lasting change is about taking mostly small and consistent, and sometimes wild or messy, steps that create a snowball effect which starts to ripple into all areas of your life.

Through Soul-Based Coaching, you will feel more grounded and open hearted.

This will give you the space for new ideas and new beginnings.


Invite Positive Change Now!

Because I want you to create the meaning

and purpose in your life that you deserve and want.


You don’t need anyone to fix you. You just need the space from which you can allow your inner wisdom to unfold.

You need to embark on the journey of coming home to yourself.

Your needs, your wishes, your purpose, and your potential.

And that is why it works!

I am incredibly excited to get started.

To explore if Soul-Based coaching can be of support to you, you can book in a free 30-minute exploration session. During this session we explore your needs, you get an experience of what it is like to be coached by me.

Together we explore whether or not we are a good fit to work together and decide on the frequency and duration of your coaching trajectory.

On average we meet 3, 5 or 7 times, for 60 minutes per session.

Next Step



Susanne, Founder of The Womb Flow

The sessions with Jenny were very important in my journey connecting with myself and mission in life. A big thing, this soul-based work that she does just covers whatever needs to be covered. I love that! We worked over a period of time and that just added a lot of quality and deepening to my process. Taking some time to let the process ripple out and integrate. In her space, I always feel very comfortable.

What I see in her is a lot of joy and playfulness, and inspiring beautiful woman.


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