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Bring Back The Ease With


Soul Flow & Glow

Bring Back The Ease

- Online-Studio -

Yoga & Routines to Feel Good, Release Stress,

Slow Down and Be Yourself.

You get unlimited access to yoga flows, daily routines, meditations and healthy tips with my EASE membership.



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Soul-Based Coaching

Do you long for changes in your life or your work? And do you want these changes to be fully in line with YOU - instead of trying to shape yourself into something you are not because an expert coach tells you what to do?


I offer you Soul-based Coaching Sessions for your deep dive discovery.

Available now

Magical Morning Method

The Magical Morning Journal is a powerful 9-week Method to create a life you love.

This journal offers you daily journaling, weekly check-ins, small tasks, reflections, inspirations, and a variety of practices you can choose from.

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Hello, I'm Jenny

I am here to support you to create meaningful progress towards living the life YOU deserve whilst staying true to yourself.

You are at the right place if you want to get clear about what makes you feel good and how to live your life the way you want to and with confidence, passion, and pride.

I have created a method that brings back the ease into your life.

It is time to let go of what is holding you back and embrace and celebrate the beautiful person that you are!


Tara Stiles, Founder of Strala

It's so easy to feel better when you're with Jenny. Her teachings are rich with experience and refreshingly accessible. Jenny so gracefully helps people feel comfortable while guiding gentlytoward improving. Her careful attention and many years of experience put you in great hands. She is an invaluable teacher. Enjoy her classes and offerings and you will feel better.

Articles & Inspirations

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