Soul Flow & Glow

By Jenny Schoenmann

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Release tension and stress. Increase confidence in your body. Focus and clarity improves as you connect with your inner voice. You take wiser decisions that have a positive affect in your daily life.


Moving well and connecting with what your body needs is crucial to feel good and enjoy your life. Your efficient and effective yoga practice will increase your stability, strength and flexibility. That nourishes and energizes you. It supports you whether you have physical pain or are looking for more freedom in your body. The regular Yoga routine will increase your well-being. Experience a state of flow and how to handle stress in a sustainable way and have access to that any time!

We will include your individual breathing practices and take advantage of being in stillness, gaining more focus and clarity as a way of connecting with yourself. Soften, breathe and being open. Calm down and listen to the messages your body, mind and soul gives you. Be healthy and enjoy your life!

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In my personal sessions we will spend some time to tune the practice to exactly what is best for you. You will get a plan with your sequence as well as other healthy routines. This helps you to remember and practice at home. Together we analyse your progress and deepen and expand your practice. Meeting online allows you from any place to practice effective under my professional guidance.

I teach group classes, workshops and special classes at Delight Den Haag, Studio Bondi and business companies. Want to find out more? Why not book a free call session and I will be in touch.

.. Jenny has taught me more about myself in the last two years, than I could have ever imagined. She's extremely skilled, she absolutely knows what she’s doing..


I would like to thank you for all your wisdom and calm being. Your talks and yoga helped me during my burn out. It was a hard way but I learned a lot about myself.


I am grateful for having you as my yoga teacher.

Grateful for your positivity, your kindness, the joy, the lightness and the love you bring into your teachings.

I am grateful for all the things I learn from you.


Your energy is beautiful, calm, gentle and kind.


You taught me to be gentle to myself. I can do everything. Doing it with ease. Just following my path.