The Magical
One-Day Retreat


Magical One-Day Retreat

Welcome to the Magical One Day Retreat. 

A special gift to yourself and a break from the day-to-day routines. You will disconnect from the outer world and reconnect to yourself and your needs.
Take time for yourself at this magical place, surrounded by nature. It is the ideal location to unwind and restore.
I am taking care of you and guiding you through Yoga practices, Pranayama (breath work), meditation, and journaling. You will practice valuable techniques that give you an instant effect on your mindset, your well-being, and how you feel.
For a lasting positive change, you can make these practices part of your day-to-day life.

A Beautiful Experience

Yurt 3.png

The Venue
Our Yurt offers a round space and is made in a traditional way with natural materials, including a glassed round opening in the ceiling.

The literal translation of Yurt is "home". The intention of Lonneke, our host, is to make you feel truly at home. Moreover, the round shape provides a nice connection and enough space for all participants. The host has tastefully decorated her magical yurt for retreats - just like ours!

During the breaks, you can explore the beautiful nature surrounding the Yurt.

Mats, blankets, cushions, and bolsters are offered.


Location: De Yurt, Dijkgraafweg 14, Hazerswoude
Date: 26th of March 2023
Time: 9.30 (arriving & check-in) – 17.00hrs
Investment: €145,- 

Special Price for members of the EASE Online Studio: €130,-

Spots are limited to eight participants for an optimal experience!

  • Includes everything you need for the day (yoga mats, cushions, and blankets as well as an organic lunch, snacks, and drinks).

  • Excluding transport. It’s a 30-minute drive from The Hague by car. I highly support carpooling. If you’d like to carpool, let me know!!

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A Gift For Yourself
Unplug for one day and you’ll leave the day feeling happier, lighter, and completely relaxed.

The day includes:

  • Opening Circle

  • Yoga in the morning and Ease & Relax Yoga in the afternoon, Meditation and Breathing practices

  • Workshop and Q&A

  • Organic Ayurvedic lunch prepared with care and love by Lonneke, snacks, tea, and water

  • Time to relax, outside walk, or just be on your own, stay on your mat, have a nap, journal, or just be

  • Closing Circle


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The Food
The Ayurvedic, vegetarian, and organic lunch and snacks are prepared by Lonneke, our host, and my friend with care and love.  Having her on board makes this event complete!
You will be offered tea and water throughout the day.


One-Day Retreat Reviews

"Thank you very much for the wonderful Sunday! I was amazed by the beautiful location and your warm personality and professionality.For me, it was like a small oases and a step out of the daily life and I found out that yoga is definitely has to be part of my life again!
Thanks again for the great retreat and I hope to join one of these special days again!"


"The surroundings were perfect and your classes and breathing practices are in my opinion the best you can get.Practicing with you always helps me to calm down. Especially during the relaxation session in the afternoon.The lunch was perfect. Ans the other women were very nice and sweet. It was a safe environment and that is very important to me.Your personal attention to everyone is lovely and you’re so kind and sweet.Your retreat gave me a number of insights that I will incorporate into my day-to-day life.Thank you so much for this retreat. It was exactly what I needed!"


" Jenny's One-Day Retreat was transformative

regarding the dilemma that I was struggling with.

I said goodbye to the old and I welcome the new.

I am grateful you were, and are, on my path when I

was pregnant, gave birth, and in the first baby months."


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Yurt 8.png
Yurt 2.png

.. Jenny has taught me more about myself in the last two years, than I could have ever imagined. She's extremely skilled, she absolutely knows what she’s doing..


I would like to thank you for all your wisdom and calm being. Your talks and yoga helped me during my burn out. It was a hard way but I learned a lot about myself.


I am grateful for having you as my yoga teacher.

Grateful for your positivity, your kindness, the joy, the lightness and the love you bring into your teachings.

I am grateful for all the things I learn from you.


Jenny has the gift to giude you with ease and gentleness. This helps me so much to gain more insights about myself and my needs.


Your energy is beautiful, calm, gentle and kind.


You taught me to be gentle to myself. I can do everything. Doing it with ease.

Just following my path.


Your classes are wonderful.
Your classes carried me forward throughout this year, how grateful I am for it.