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Magical Morning


Every morning you have the opportunity to take the time for yourself to reclaim your inner magic.

And to start your day in the best possible way.

Magical Morning Spring Workshop
- 17th of March 2024 -

Wake Up and Start Transforming Your Day

A Daily Morning Routine doesn’t have to be complicated, or time-consuming to be efficient. But it has to feel like yours and meet your needs and time management- and that’s what you will learn in this workshop.

With your morning routine, you support yourself in a very profound way and set the tone for your day while being in connection with yourself. Your morning routine helps you to improve your physical and mental health and well-being, your focus for the day ahead, and clarity about your needs.

What this workshop offers you:

  • A variety of routines according to the season of the year and practices you can choose from to build and start your magical morning

  • Understand your needs to cultivate your morning practice

  • Find calmness to connect with yourself for clarity & purpose

  • Techniques that make you glow from the inside out

  • An easy yoga routine to memorize that doesn’t take too much time but releases overnight tension supports your body and supports the energy flow




Who Is This For

This workshop is designed to help people begin where they are, and develop a morning routine that helps and supports them in various areas of their life without pressure. The concrete practices and routines are doable for everyone and can be adjusted to the time they are able and willing to spend. I only teach practices that work well for me and that carry us where we want to go. So wherever you are is a perfect place to begin and trust me, you don't have to wake up in the middle of the night to have a thriving start to your day!

Date: 17th of March

Time: 15:00 - 18:00

Location: Yogastudio 118, Van Beverningkstraat 118, 2582 VK Den Haag

Price: € 55,-



The Magical Morning Routine Workshop has been a huge success for a couple of years.

Through my workshops and my book 'The Magical Morning Method', published in Dutch in October 2020, I have supported many in starting their days in their own magical way! 

My magical morning routine started a couple of years ago. I can’t tell enough how much that has influenced my life for the better, happier, and healthier along with my Yoga practice and soul work. Since then I have kept diving deeper, studying and gathering more information and scientific studies around this topic. I am excited to share with you my practice, and the effects that my morning routine has on my daily personal, family, and work life. You will be practicing techniques to become clear and focused about your day that lead you to be more efficient at work, and with your family and let you enjoy your social life. 

Limited spots are available to ensure a great learning experience!

What participants experience:


"Since I did the morning sessions with Jenny, my start into the day is way easier and lighter. I realised that it is enough to do my best with my routines and I don't have to do all at once. The teachings and advice from Jenny are soulful, joyful, and with ease. For me a real inspiration."

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