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Meno At Ease


"Menopause is an opportunity to rebalance your life & lifestyle for long-term health & happiness."

- Petra Coveney

Menopause At Ease

Every woman should perceive her Menopause as an opportunity for self-growth and self-insights and have the knowledge and support to live a emotional wealthy, at peace with her body and healthy life.

Menopause Yoga

Menopause Yoga has been specially adapted to help women manage the main symptoms of menopause.


Menopause Workshops

Menopause Yoga Workshops offer women a place to share, learn, and connect. 


Menopause At Work

Many women go through their menopause during their working lives. This remains an overlooked issue in too many organisations

A group of women at a business meeting

Let's Talk Menopause

The well-resourced woman: By far the best way you can do to prepare and stay empowered for and during your menopause is to be informed.

Lifestyle Tips, Inspirations,
Evidence Based Facts & Resources

Menopause Resources

International resources, links, books & local resources, and support around Den Haag.


Menopause Practices

Menopause Yoga, breathing practices and mindful tools & techniques wherever you are and whenever you need it

Coming soon

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Image by Kelly Sikkema

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