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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

What defines your identity beyond the things you do?

Picture by Felicia Buitenwerf

Who are you?

This question always throws me out of concept.

I am easily able to tell which role I am.

But it gets really interesting when I push the pause button and ask myself:

  1. Who am I if I am not doing?

  2. How do I feel about me in the moments of stillness?

  3. When I don't identify myself with the external?

Ramana Maharishi, used to say that to attain inner freedom one must continuously and sincerely ask the question " Who am I?"

You just ask, "Who am I? Who sees when I see? Who hears when I hear? Who knows that I am aware? Who am I?"

This is the moment when it becomes really interesting.

This is the moment where the logical mind can take a break.

Dive into your inner knowing and do this simple, profound and short practice:

  1. Slow down and sit down. Close your eyes.

  2. Who are you right now in this moment when you are not doing?

  3. Become still - just enough to allow everything to be there and let it unfold.Can you accept it without judgment?

  4. Allow yourself to embrace, honor and acknowledge this magnificent being that you are. Without the need to prove it by any kind of ‚doing‘

Free yourself!

Commit to the inner work of freedom!

That’s when we connect with our core. Our deepest values.

From there living a life in alignment with our needs and values is possible.

We intuitively know that this is the way.

Therefore we have to slow down, do less and pause more.

Every day - small steps - simple and with ease - towards our wholehearted life that all of us are meant to live.

"When you have tasted the ecstasy of the inner flow, you can walk in this world and the world will never touch you. That's how you become a free being - you transcend."

Michael A. Singer, the untethered soul

Thank YOU, gorgeous! I hope you’ve enjoyed contemplating on who you are.

Remember, incorporate new routines and healthy lifestyle habits step by step, with ease and joy!

Your turn: What is the one thing you can release to do less? I'd love to hear what you will start with! Let me know in the comments below. 

Keep shining and glowing,


*Ramana Maharshi, 1879-1950, teacher in the yogic tradition

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