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Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Who doesn't want to feel their best?

My magical mornings are my gateway to set myself up to feel best on that day. 

Over the years I have enjoyed a regular morning routine as part of my life.

I am not making time for my morning routine. My morning routine is a non-negotiable part of my day and I create my life around it. I make sure there is room and space for nourishing routines and rituals, even while traveling.

I've immersed myself in this subject and gained so much out of it. I have grown as a person, but every day I feel different and I keep getting inspired by the insights again.

Having a morning routine sets the tone and the pace for the day. It doesn't have to take long or be a sequence of complicated things.

It needs to honor the time we have, how we feel, and what is supportive on that day.

I try to have the same routine, but I am changing it up and adjusting it depending on the season, my female cycle and what I give priority on that day.

The key to a sustainable and nourishing Morning Routine is consistent/consistency and even more importantly that we approach it with JOY and it brings us the benefits we desire!

I am very excited to share my magical morning routine and what it looks like on most days.

I can honestly say that my magical morning routines changed my daily life.

Since starting the morning routine, I am way more productive, more focused and I welcome my family feeling much more relaxed and energized. I also noticed that I am more receptive and creative before sunrise. I feel refreshed afterward.

We might think that snoozing for another ten and then another ten minutes would give us the rest that we need, but after my morning routine I feel most refreshed.

"Your first ritual that you do during the day is the highest leveraged ritual, by far, because it has the effect of setting your mind, and setting the context, for the rest of your day." – Eben Pagan

I wake up around the sunrise, to cash in on the energizing and creative energy of the day. Especially now, in the summertime this is easy!

Plus, I am an early sleeper and absolutely enjoy a good rest. Therefore, I am in bed by 9:30 pm

1.The Basics

After waking up and a quick check-in on how I am feeling (just takes a few seconds, lying in bed, closing my eyes and just feel), I go into the bathroom and take these 5 steps 

  1. oil pulling 

  2. cleaning my tongue

  3. washing my face and doing a short facial massage with (almond) oil .On the weekends when I have more time, I give myself a whole-body massage, (Abhyanga)

  4. flossing and brushing my teeth

  5. now I am having a big cup of warm water with lemon. If I feel cold or in need of a boost I add ginger.

2. Breathing Practice

I have the luxury of having my own yoga room at home. Wrapped in a warm blanket I light a candle and get in a comfortable seated position,taking a few moments to feel what I want to start with and what is needed that morning.

At the moment I usually start with Breathing practices to energize my body and focus the mind. This can be 3-4 different ones.

I always do Alternate Nostril Breathing as this leaves me in a very grounded and calm state.

3. Yoga

Then I either do a gentle or more vigorous

yoga practice depending on what I need

4. Meditation

Afterward, I sit in stillness for as long as I have time.

Wanna have a little support for free? Start your day the right way. Join my morning meditation. Get yours here.

5. Journaling

I close my morning routine with journaling to set myself up for the day. To be clear on what I need and how to serve best.

Journaling helps you not only expand your ideas, but also prevents you from losing the important ideas that you may want to act on in the future. Even if I am not in the best mood - after writing down what I am grateful for there is not much space left for negativity. After many years of doing that I love to revisit my journals and see what is still the same and what has changed.

I have a couple of additional routines in my toolkit that I pull out when for example I have my period, feel sluggish, restless, getting a cold, or anything else.

Sometimes, I leave the house and have a walk at the beach, doing my meditation practice and yoga moves there.

My Morning Routines aren't another thing on my to-do list and therefore I enjoy waking up early at the weekends and keep doing them.

How to start your magical morning routine

  • Go to bed a bit earlier and wake up a bit earlier. Have a short evening routine.

  • Bring nature in with a plant or two. Create a comfortable and cozy morning place/space.

  • Baby steps. Start with one or two small new routines like scraping your tongue and enjoying a drink of warm water in stillness and presence.

  • Create a playlist to set the mood.

  • Start journaling. Give your day a direction you would like to follow up on. Know what you need and stay aligned to that throughout your day.

  • Keep it simple, doable and fun to follow up on.

I am hosting regular Magical Morning Workshops Online. Sign up here to stay updated.

Thank YOU, gorgeous!

I hope you got inspired about how I like to start my day.

Remember, incorporate new routines and healthy lifestyle habits step by step, with ease and joy!

Your turn: What is your favorite morning routine? I'd love to hear how you support youself first thing in the morning! Let me know in the comments below. 


Stay healthy and keep shining,


P.S. Wanna have a little support for free? Start your day the right way. Join my morning meditation. Get yours here.

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