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Soul Flow & Glow


Greatness lies within you! 

Unfold and thrive with ease.

You don’t have to change your whole life to show up for yourself and true desires with joy & ease.

But you have to start living it and create your life from within that is aligned with your values, who you are and your place in this world!

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Hello, I'm Jenny

 I am here to support you to create meaningful progress towards living the life YOU deserve whilst staying true to yourself. You will get clear about what makes you feel good, how to live your successfull life with confidence, passion, and pride.

How? By letting go of what is holding you back and embrace and celebrate the beautiful woman that you are!

"The session allowed me to dive into current issues and shift my perspective.
I made links between seemingly unrelated issues which resulted in me taking action. In response to this session I took immediate action and received direct feedback! Thank you Jenny!" Camilla, Coach

The Daily Morning Journal

I published the Daily Morning Journal which is designed to support you in a very profound way.

By consciously putting pen to paper, you tap into resources deep inside you.Using this journal keeps you in connection with yourself. 

Be aligned daily to how you feel. That makes it possible to have the success, sanity, and happiness you desire in a nourishing and easy way.


Work With Me

An authentic way to be the optimal expression of yourself!

In relationship with your needs, others and the world you live in

„ I so wanted to make a change but was scared, and Jenny's guidance made me see that this change isn't so huge and heavy like I thought. After our sessions I feel much lighter!! I feel more confident in my choices, and am also seeing the bigger perspective.“ Pam, Teacher

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