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21-Day Magical
Morning Journey

Establish an enjoyable, well-rounded,

sustainable morning routine.

Welcome to the Journey!

Every morning you have the opportunity to take the time for yourself to reclaim your inner MAGIC.

This Journey helps you to integrate yoga and routines into your everyday morning life in a fun and easy way and begins on the 10th of July 2023
Explore practices that help you to feel energized, fresh, joyful, and focused. You will experience a range of practices that will give you a clear sense of the many benefits of a morning routine. Immediately you notice the effect it has on your mood, and kick-start your day the Magical way!

This journey is for everyone who'd like to practice either at home, while traveling, or during your holidays. You can juggle your busy work schedule, or have toddlers around!

Enjoying a morning practice helps to start your day with awareness and intention, be in touch with your needs, connect with yourself and your desires as well as improve your health and well-being.


As an EASE Member, you have unlimited access to these classes so you can repeat classes you like or skip a day in between if you need to take it at a slower pace. You can cancel your monthly membership any time.

What to expect:

  • You will receive 21-recorded morning routines for 3 weeks daily to create your routine

  • The practices vary to meet your needs and are between 15 - 30 minutes long to integrate them easily into your morning

  • A combination of energizing, gentle, and refreshing Yoga flows and routines to set you up for the day and support your flexibility and physical strength for your overall well-being

  • On top of that, you get access to the complete EASE Online Studio which includes over 250 practice videos, meditations, healthy inspirations, and the opportunity to ask questions, share experiences, and give feedback

21- Days of Morning Yoga & Morning Routines

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Download The Schedule. The links are active once the class is published.

How to join:

The 21-Day Morning Journey is part of the EASE Membership.

  • Sign up via the link below or here

  • Now you are an EASE online yoga Member and have access to the category '21-Day Magical Morning Journey' as well as all the other classes

  • Enjoy the journey and explore other practices if you like

  • This is a Membership, therefore you have to actively cancel your subscription if you do not wish to enjoy my EASE library further after the journey is done


  • New joiners  24,-

  • Members free


Any Questions? Don't hesitate - just send me a message at

P.S.: You don't have to be an early bird to have a morning routine! The practices work at 5 am, 7 am, and 10:30 am :) See you on the mat!
From the heart,

You can't pour from an empty cup!

Here is something I know to be true: The moment you take care of and nurture yourself you actually have more to give and

you can give wholeheartedly!

Taking care of yourself is not selfish - it’s an act of love.


If you’re ready to bring back the ease this

Magical Morning Journey is for you!

And it comes in a practical, simple, and profound way!

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Why you should join:

A regular morning routine can help you to:

  • Reduce stress, prevent burnout, disorientation, anxiety, and insomnia

  • Be in harmony and alignment with yourself

  • Bring more meaning into your life

  • Be focused and present by starting your day with the intention

  • Make thoughtful decisions for yourself, your loved ones, and the world around you

  • Feel more grounded and open-hearted, creating the space for new ideas


This program is ideal for those who are already familiar with yoga or like to get started.

The importance of a morning routine! Due to our busy lifestyles, we can get disconnected from the natural cycles, bringing us out of balance. This can show in several ways: Feeling tired, sluggish, nervous, anxious, restless, stagnant, congested, and so on.
This is where the importance of a morning routine becomes noticeably clear. Instead of ignoring how we feel, we give ourselves the time and space to notice and respond.
For example: if you wake up feeling restless, rather than rushing through your yoga practice, grabbing coffee, and running out of the house - you’ll do the opposite. You might do a breathing practice that calms the nervous system and you’ll do fewer asanas. Choose asanas that ground you and do them slowly. That way, you feel, notice, and respond by doing just what you need to restore balance and set yourself up for a great day.

A complete morning routine will also improve your health as we will include routines that strengthen the immune system, remove stagnation, strengthen the lungs, and improve your digestion.
You’ll transform your daily life with journaling & self-care practices, and asking important questions first thing in the morning (just to name a few!)


"Although the circumstances are rather challenging now, I am still ongoing. Meanwhile realizing that without this course  I would not be able to bear the actual load. Thanks Jenny, your wisdom is so valuable and also for me this is exactly what I needed."


"I learned so much in this course. There are so many lovely practices to experiment with and I go back to the platform every day to pick and choose. I  also love your voice, it is very soothing and calming.I am grateful for this course."


"The one thing I enjoy the most about the morning routine is that I know how I want to feel today. It feels like a present every morning."


"One thing I enjoy about my morning routine is waking up early and have the feeling I still have the whole day... and that I already took some 'me time and inner reflection time with super bonus also exercises. What a perfect way to start the day."

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