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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

It was a Friday morning, 6:30 am, and I was cycling to Delight Yoga for one of my morning classes.

A car passed me fully packed including the ski coffin on top of the roof. It was the beginning of the winter school holidays so I assumed they were on the way to the mountains for skiing.

My stomach contracted and it left me with a very uncomfortable feeling. I checked in with these feelings and it was pretty clear.

Since I was a very young child I have enjoyed the luxury of skiing holidays. My parents sent me to the typical skiing lessons. I hated it! My feet and hands were always frozen. Later when I was a teenager I kept skiing and even, later on, I went with my boyfriend who loved snowboarding. It was his highlight of the year!

Me, waking up super early, putting on my ski boots and rushing to the lift to be the first on the mountain enjoying the fresh unused prepped snow. My feet and hands were still ice chunks… I am not even sure if I might have enjoyed it at all at that time. This moment on my bike it burst out of me: Thank God I don’t need to go skiing anymore, never again. BECAUSE I hate it!

I never really liked and why on earth did I keep doing it??

What a relief right now at this moment. I was laughing and felt a deep sense of freedom and joy.

A few days later we took the train and traveled to Germany. We had some amazing days in the mountains. Lots of snow, sun, fresh air, great food. The view was breathtaking and the best thing - we used the sled to explore the mountain! I had a fantastic ride - got it all without putting on my ski shoes.

Here is my question for you:

  1. How often do you do things you don’t like?

  2. Are you like me -not checking in with yourself? Maybe even for years because this is simply what you have always done?

To live that life we are longing for we have to follow our heart and soul wisdom.

Being courageous and slowing down, to become listeners to our own needs and longings. And sometimes it takes many years to notice but when we let go of something that is not serving we receive all the rewards and freedom. It does give us back a feeling of being in „control“ and not being the victim.

It still makes me smile...


Thank YOU, gorgeous! I hope you’ve enjoyed these short story about how I became clear on what I way too often hold on to. If you feel you want to let go of something that is not making you happy but struggle with how - just reach out.

It is my honor to support you towards living a balanced life.

Remember, incorporate new routines and healthy lifestyle habits step by step, with ease and joy!

Your turn: What is the next step you can do to live a balanced life?

I'd love to hear how it went! Let me know in the comments below. 

From the heart,


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