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Why I Decided to Support You with Menopause Yoga

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

My Personal Story

Most importantly, we need to meet ourselves and the emotions that arise with kindness, compassion, and self-care.

Throughout the past years, I've faced various health issues which truly drove me crazy. This included heart palpitations, racing heart, and pulsatile tinnitus. On top of that, I've experienced mood swings like never before and a constant lack of energy. These symptoms truly scared me!

One day, things took a turn for the worse, and I ended up at the GP's office. After an ECG, she immediately sent me to the Emergency department. Numerous tests were done and I had to stay for observation. During my time at the hospital, no immediate cause could be found.

While I didn't feel extremely ill, I was scared, powerless, and far from my best self. My regular yoga practice and routines provided some relief. Frustration started to set in when nothing conclusive was found. My strength diminished, and I longed for an explanation. I couldn't push myself too hard and needed to prioritize rest.

I had conversations with doctors who seemed dismissive of the idea that hormones could be causing my symptoms.

This perspective is completely wrong!

A change of hormones can start around mid-thirties and for many in their early forties. I believe that deserves to be heard and supported.

However, I am so grateful for the health support I was receiving. I don't take this for granted and always felt they took me seriously and did their best. They are skilled but women's health from a certain age is simply not part of a regular doctor's education - not even a gynacologist ones. Which I think is a huge problem in our society.

As a dedicated yoga teacher and practitioner finding balance has always been my forte. So, I decided to slow down, observe myself, listen, and create even more space for self-care.

This is when I took matters into my own hands. I delved into research, spoke with others, and discovered the vast number of women who could relate to my experience. My interest grew as I realized how little we knew about menopause, despite it shaping 1/3rds of our lives!

This pushed me to embark on a journey of learning and empowerment.

Every woman goes through menopause, whether the symptoms are severe or barely noticeable. We all experience changes in hormone production, affecting our physical and mental well-being.

My next step - and thanks to the universe that has guided me:

I enrolled in a menopause yoga teacher training led by Petra Coveney, a renowned expert. It was scientifically based and provided valuable techniques and knowledge to support ourselves and others. Connecting with confident yoga teachers and health experts, I felt heard, seen, and supported. And confident to share this with others.

I have adjusted my lifestyle, practice, and routines to adapt to this phase of life. Continuously exploring ways that help along this journey. I find and found a lot of help in the techniques I have learned in my recent training and combined them with what I already know and have developed.

One of my Biggest Insights

One of my biggest insights is that we have to prioritize rest and play, and invest our energy into the things that matter. We don’t have to love everything we do, but the cause behind it has to be aligned with what we want in life. We have to stress less!

Stress is always present, real, and if not dealt with a serious risk for a woman’s health as it can affect the hormone balance in her body.

Yoga, breathwork, meditation, and self-care routines (all done with ease) can help manage stress and therefore lower menopause symptoms.

Menopause can and should be seen as a wake-up call

Rather than running away from what our body tells us we have to listen and we can see menopause also as a wake-up call to change our lives and embrace healthier ways of how we take care of ourselves.

Every woman should perceive her Menopause as an opportunity for self-growth and self-insights and have the knowledge and support to live a emotional wealthy, at peace with her body and healthy life.

Let's see this as an opportunity for better health and a more fulfilled life that honors our inner truth!

I am here to help and guide you on a regular base. Therefore have a look at my upcoming events and regular, ongoing classes.

Let's seize the opportunity together. Pre-, peri-, meno-, and beyond.

As women, we should embrace it with knowledge, engagement, and excitement for all that is possible and all that will unfold for us:


The 3-hour workshops include:

group discussion and opportunity to share experiences

guidance on menopause nutrition, natural remedies, and self-care routines

yoga poses, breathing, and meditation practices specially adapted for menopause

This workshop will be held in a small and intimate group to hold space for yourself and the other women.

Location & Time: Den Haag, Sunday afternoon from 3-6pm

Price: € 49,-

Upon your interest, I will set a date. Please sign yourself in here and I'll get in touch asap

For further support and information for women to prepare for - and are in menopause subscribe here

From the heart,


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