The Whole Woman Progam

Unique Divinity

The whole women program is unique. This is not a compromise. Here you commit to fully prioritize Yourself. To uncover your whole divinity and step into her full presence.This program goes deep and invokes transfromation from the inside to the outside.

You will be discovering your soul wisdom to take the steps that are needed to live up to your desire and purpose.You become healthier and more confident in your body with your individual yoga practice. You optimize and top this with your beauty routine that leaves you glowing and radiating. This is a unique journey and I am there to support and walk along with you.

Self care
is a
divine responsibility

Whole Women Package

Soul Flow & Glow

3 Soul-based Coaching Sessions


3 Yoga Sessions


1 Individual Beauty Workshop



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Soul Flow & Glow

By Jenny Schoenmann